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三月份 第 13 課

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  • (2010-03-17) ------

  • World Bank Predicts China's Growing Economy in 2010
  • 世界銀行預測 2010 年中國經濟增長
  •   The World Bank is predicting China's economy will grow 9.5 percent this year, driven by business and household spending.
  • 世界銀行預測,中國經濟 2010 年將增長 9.5 %,主要受企業和家庭支出推動。

  •   China's central bank increased bank lending and poured half a trillion dollars into the economy over the past year to fight off the global recession.
  • 中國央行增加了銀行貸款以抵禦全球衰退,去年向中國經濟注入 5000 億美元。

  •   The World Bank says the measures were effective, but it warned Wednesday that China will face "significant" inflation this year.
  • 世行說,這些措施已有成效,但警告中國今年將面臨“顯著的”通貨膨脹。

  •   It urged Beijing to let the value of its currency rise, to contain inflation and control spiraling real estate prices.
  • 世行敦促北京允許人民幣升值,抑制通貨膨脹,並控制房地產價格急劇攀升。

  •   The International Monetary Fund also called on China Wednesday to let its currency, the yuan, rise.
  • 國際貨幣基金組織星期三也呼籲中國允許人民升值。

  •   IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn said the yuan is "much undervalued."
  • 國際貨幣基金組織總裁多米尼克‧斯特勞斯-卡恩說,人民幣“在很大程度上被低估”。

  •   China rejects allegations that it is keeping the value of the yuan low to give it an unfair trade advantage.
  • 外界指責中國保持較低的人民幣幣值從而獲得不公平的貿易優勢,中國否認這種指稱。


  • (2010-03-17) ------

  • China Sets Trial Date of Four Rio Tinto Employees
  • 中國定下日期審判四名力拓員工
  •   The Australian government says four executives of the Anglo-Australian mining giant Rio Tinto will go on trial next week in China, on charges of corporate espionage and bribery.
  • 澳大利亞政府說,英澳礦業巨頭力拓公司的四名高級主管下個星期將在中國受審,他們被控盜竊公司機密以及行賄。

  •   Officials say the trial for Chinese-born Australian Stern Hu and three Chinese nationals will begin next Monday at a court in the eastern port city of Shanghai.
  • 有關官員說,對中國出生的澳大利亞人胡士泰和 3 名中國籍高級主管的審判下星期一將在上海的一家法院進行。

  •   Hu, Liu Caikui, Ge Mingqiang and Wang Yong were arrested last July during negotiations about iron ore prices between Rio Tinto and China's steel industry association.
  • 胡士泰、劉才魁、葛民強和王勇去年 7 月在力拓公司和中國鋼鐵工業協會就鐵礦石價格進行談判期間被捕。

  •   The four men were suspected of obtaining inside information that helped Rio Tinto during the talks.
  • 這四人被懷疑在談判期間獲取有助於力拓的內部資訊。

  •   The Australian government says much of the trial is set to be held behind closed doors because of the charges dealing with infringement of commercial secrets.
  • 澳大利亞政府說,審判大部分時間將閉門進行,因為對四人的指控涉及侵犯商業機密。

  •   It says Australian officials have asked for an open trial.
  • 澳大利亞政府說,澳大利亞官員已要求公開審判。


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