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十月份 第 06 課

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  • (2008-10-08)------

  • China Introduces Standards for Chemical Levels in Milk
  • 中國制定牛奶中化學品含量標準
  •   China is limiting the amount of melamine that can be in milk and other dairy products, as it seeks to contain the damage over its latest product safety scandal.
  • 中國對牛奶和其他奶製品中的三聚氰胺含量進行限制,試圖控制最近食品安全醜聞所帶來的危害。

  •   Health Ministry official Wang Xuening announced today (Wednesday) that the melamine limit for baby formula is one milligram of the industrial chemical per kilogram.
  • 中國衛生部王姓官員今天 (星期三) 宣佈,每公斤嬰兒配方奶粉中三聚氰胺的限量為一毫克。

  •   Liquid milk and other dairy products can not go above two-point-five milligrams per kilogram.
  • 每公斤液態奶和其他奶製品中的三聚氰胺含量不得超過兩點五毫克。

  •   Wang says melamine, which is used in plastics and other industrial products, can seep into food through its packaging.
  • 王姓官員說,用於塑膠和其他工業產品中的三聚氰胺可能透過包裝滲入食品。

  •   But he warned dairy producers that deliberately adding melamine to food products is prohibited.
  • 但他警告奶製品生產者說,故意在食品中添加三聚氰胺是被禁止的。

  •   More than 50 governments have recalled or banned Chinese-made milk and other products after melamine-laced products sickened more than 50-thousand infants and killed four others.
  • 在添加三聚氰胺的中國奶製品導致中國 5 萬多名嬰兒患病和 4 名嬰兒死亡後,50 多個國家已經召回或禁止中國生產的牛奶和其他有關食品。


  • (2008-10-08)------

  • US Stores See Sluggish Sales; Existing Home Sales Rise
  • 美國商店銷售緩慢;二手房上升
  •   Stores across the U.S. fear the financial crisis has many would-be shoppers staying home -- a worrisome sign for an economy dependent on consumer spending.
  • 美國各地商店擔心金融危機讓許多可能的顧客不想外出購物,這對取決於消費者支出的經濟體系是個令人擔憂的跡象。

  •   Major U.S. retailers released their latest sales data today (Wednesday), with many saying sales fell or failed to meet expectations in September.
  • 美國主要的零售商星期三公佈了他們最近的銷售額,其中許多都說 9 月份的銷售額下降或者沒有達到預計額度。

  •   The world's largest retailer, Wal-Mart, bucked the trend, reporting a more than two-percent increase in sales.
  • 世界最大的零售商沃爾馬卻逆潮流而上,報導銷售額上升了百分之二。

  •   Still, two-thirds of U.S. economic activity is driven by consumer spending, and some economists say many stores could be headed for a slow holiday shopping season (between the end of November and Christmas), a time when many retailers depend on strong sales to make a profit for the year.
  • 但是美國經濟活動有三分之二是受消費者支出驅動的,有些經濟學家說,許多商店可能在 11 月底到耶誕節期間面臨一個生意不佳的節日購物季節,許多零售商就靠這段時間生意興旺來贏得年度利潤的。

  •   Meanwhile, a new report says that despite the credit crunch more Americans are buying homes.
  • 與此同時,最近的一份報告說,儘管信貸緊縮,但是有更多的美國人正在購買住房。

  •   The National Association of Realtors (NAR) says a combination of foreclosures and affordable interest rates helped push sales of previously-owned homes seven percent higher in August, to the highest level in more than a year.
  • 美國全國不動產仲介協會說,房屋產權喪失再加上利率低廉促使 8 月份二手房的銷售量增加百分之 7,上升到一年多來的最高水準。


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