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十月份 第 06 課

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  • (2013-10-08)------

  • NKorea Puts Troops on Alert over US-Led Military Drill
  • 針對美韓軍演 朝鮮軍隊進入戒備狀態
  •   North Korea has placed its military on alert and warned of "disastrous consequences" in response to a United States-led military drill near the Korean peninsula.
  • 朝鮮當局下令軍隊進入戒備狀態,並警告美韓兩國在朝鮮本地附近舉行的軍事演習可能帶來 “災難性後果”。

  •   A North Korean military spokesman Tuesday told state media all troops have been ordered to "keep themselves ready to promptly launch operations at any time."
  • 朝鮮軍隊發言人星期二對本國國家媒體說,全軍奉命隨時準備展開行動。

  •   South Korean Defense Ministry spokesman Kim Min-seok confirmed North Korea's military has been placed on high alert.
  • 南韓國防部發言人金鈱奭證實,朝鮮軍隊已經進入高度戒備狀態。

  •   The threat comes as the U.S. moved a group of ships to the South Korean port of Busan for what officials describe as a routine search and rescue drill.
  • 在朝鮮發出這一威脅之際,美國一些海軍艦隻駛向南韓釜山港;有關官員說,美國軍艦是在進行搜索及救援例行訓練。

  •   Pyongyang seems to be particularly upset about the participation of the USS George Washington, a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.
  • 看來平壤對美國核動力航空母艦 “喬治‧華盛頓號” 參加軍演感到特別不安。

  •   The article in the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) claimed the ship was carrying "at least 100 nuclear bombs aboard."
  • 朝中社刊登的一篇文章說,“喬治‧華盛頓號” 載有至少1 百枚核彈。

  •   It warned the closer that U.S. forces get to North Korea, "the more unpredictable disasters their actions will cause."
  • 這篇文章警告說,美國軍隊越接近朝鮮,就越無法預測這種行動會帶來何種災難。

  •   Pyongyang often threatens military action in response to the U.S.-South Korean drills, but rarely follows through.
  • 平壤經常揚言要針對美韓軍演採取軍事行動,但極少付諸實施。


  • (2013-10-08)------

  • Typhoon Fitow Kills Six in Eastern China
  • 菲特颱風在中國東部造成至少六人死亡
  •   Chinese state media say at least six people were killed and several others remain missing after Typhoon Fitow slammed into a southeastern region.
  • 中國國家媒體說,菲特颱風侵襲中國東南部地區,造成至少六人死亡,數人失蹤。

  •   The powerful storm made landfall in Fujian Province Monday, packing winds of up to 150 kilometers per hour. Much of the surrounding area still was submerged in floodwaters Tuesday.
  • 強烈暴風星期一在福建登陸,風速達每小時 150 公里;星期二,周邊很多地區被洪水淹沒。

  •   The storm has since weakened, but torrential rains continued in nearby Zhejiang province, prompting the government's highest emergency flood response.
  • 颱風風力隨後減弱,但浙江省的暴雨天氣仍在持續,當地政府啟動了最高級別的緊急防洪措施。

  •   The Xinhua news agency says over 4,000 homes collapsed in the storm. Many areas were also without power, as well as rail and air transportation.
  • 新華社說,暴風雨導致 4千多所房屋倒塌;很多地區的電力供應以及鐵路和空中運輸中斷。

  •   Typhoon Fitow is the 23rd to hit China this year.
  • 菲特颱風是今年侵襲中國的第 23 個颱風。

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