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十月份 第 01 課

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  • (2013-10-01)------

  • U.S. Government Begins Shutdown
  • 美國聯邦政府開始實施部份關閉
  •   The U.S. government has enacted a partial shutdown for the first time in 17 years, as the two branches of Congress failed by the October 1st deadline to agree on a single spending bill.
  • 由於美國國會參眾兩院未能在 10 月 1日之前就一項撥款議案達成一致立場,美國聯邦政府已經開始實施 17 年來的首次部份關閉。

  •   Three times on Monday, the Republican-led House of Representatives approved a spending bill that would delay President Barack Obama's signature health care law. In all three cases, the Democratic-controlled Senate rejected it minutes later.
  • 星期一,美國國會眾議院前後三次通過包含推遲實施歐巴馬總統標誌性的醫保法案條款的撥款議案,但每次都隨即被民主黨人控制的參議院否決。

  •   Shortly before midnight, White House Budget Director Sylvia Burwell issued a directive to federal agencies to "execute plans for an orderly shutdown."
  • 接近星期一午夜時,白宮預算事務主管伯韋爾發佈指示,要求聯邦各機構 “實施有序關閉的方案”。

  •   The move means the furlough of an estimated 800,000 federal workers.
  • 這意味著大約 80 萬名聯邦僱員將被強制不帶薪休假。

  •   Agencies affected will include national parks, traffic safety agencies, and the Defense Department -- mainly the furlough of its civilian employees.
  • 受到影響的機構包括國家公園、交通運輸安全部門以及國防部。

  •   Homeland Security agents and border security offices will remain open, as well as other law enforcement agencies.
  • 在國防部,被強制休假的主要是文職人員;國土安全部、邊防部門以及其他執法機構將繼續辦公。

  •   In a statement early Tuesday, U.S. President Barack Obama said members of the U.S. military will remain on duty and ongoing military operations like those in Afghanistan will continue.
  • 美國總統歐巴馬星期二淩晨發表聲明說,美國軍人將繼續履行職責,正在執行過程中的軍事行動,如在阿富汗的軍事行動,將繼續進行。

  •   He said he plans to sign into law a bill that will ensure members of the military are paid on time.
  • 歐巴馬表示,他計劃簽署一項法案,以確保按時給軍人發餉。

  •   Mr. Obama also pledged to work to get Congress to reopen the government.
  • 此外,歐巴馬還保證努力爭取國會讓政府機構恢復正常運作。


  • (2013-10-01)------

  • Netanyahu to Stress Iran Nuclear Concerns in UN Speech
  • 內塔尼亞胡將在聯大強調對伊朗核項目的擔憂
  •   Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to press his concerns about Iran's nuclear program in his Tuesday address to the United Nations General Assembly.
  • 預計以色列總理內塔尼亞胡星期二在聯合國大會上發言時,將強調他對伊朗核項目的擔憂。

  •   Mr. Netanyahu said Monday, in a meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama, that Iran should face tougher sanctions if it continues to advance its nuclear work while negotiating with the West.
  • 內塔尼亞胡星期一會晤美國總統歐巴馬時說,如果伊朗在與西方國家談判的同時繼續實施其核項目,就應對伊朗實行更嚴厲的制裁。

  •   The Israeli leader also stressed that Iran must give up any military aspect of its nuclear program -- which Iran has denied it is pursuing.
  • 內塔尼亞胡還強調,伊朗必須放棄其核項目中的任何軍事成份;伊朗否認其核項目是用於軍事目的。

  •   Mr. Obama said Iran must prove its sincerity through actions before getting any relief from the sanctions imposed after it defied orders to stop enriching uranium.
  • 歐巴馬說,在減輕對伊朗的制裁之前,伊朗必須用行動證明自己的誠意;那些制裁是在伊朗藐視要求它停止濃縮鈾的命令之後施加的。

  •   He said world powers will negotiate with Iran in a "clear-eyed" manner and will consult Israel closely.
  • 歐巴馬表示,世界各強國將以清醒的態度與伊朗談判,並將與以色列密切磋商。

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