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十月份 第 01 課

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  • (2011-10-03)------

  • World Markets Roiled by New Greek Default Fears
  • 擔憂希臘違約,世界股市大跌
  •   Asian and European stock markets fell sharply Monday because of new fears that Greece might soon default on its bailout loans from last year.
  • 由於擔心希臘可能會很快違約停止償還其去年所獲的救助貸款,亞洲和歐洲股市星期一大幅下挫。

  •   Hong Kong's Hang Seng exchange dropped more than 4 percent, and the London, Paris and Frankfurt markets all plunged.
  • 香港恒生指數大跌 4 % 以上,倫敦、巴黎和法蘭克福的股市也都出現大幅下跌。

  •   Investors moved to sell stocks after the Athens government said Sunday it would not meet its deficit targets either this year or next.
  • 在雅典星期天宣佈希臘不是在今年就是在明年無法實現其減赤目標後,投資者紛紛拋售所持股票。

  •   Top financial officials from the 17 European nations that use the euro met in Luxembourg Monday to discuss Greece.
  • 歐元區 17 個歐盟國家的最高級別財政官員星期一在盧森堡召開會議商討希臘局勢。

  •   But they were not immediately expected to decide whether to give the country a new $11 billion segment from its 2010 bailout so it has enough money to avoid a default later this month.
  • 但預計他們不會立即做出是否給希臘提供 2010 年達成的 110 億美元救助計劃的下一筆貸款的決定;只有獲得這筆貸款希臘才能在本月晚些時候避免債務違約。


  • (2011-10-03)------

  • EU Welcomes Burmese Decision on Myitsone Dam
  • 歐盟歡迎緬甸叫停密松大壩的決定
  •   The European Union has added its voice to those welcoming the Burmese government's decision to suspend work on a controversial hydro-electric dam.
  • 緬甸政府決定暫停修建一座有爭議的水力發電大壩,歐盟加入了歡迎這一決定的行列。

  •   A spokesman for EU High Representative Catherine Ashton said the EU is encouraged to see the Burmese leadership beginning to act on its promise to be a government of the people.
  • 歐盟高級代表凱瑟琳阿什頓的發言人說,歐盟看到緬甸領導層開始按照為民執政的承諾而行動,感到很受鼓舞。

  •   Pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi and the United States have also welcomed the decision, saying it shows a willingness to respond to the wishes of ordinary citizens.
  • 緬甸民主運動領導人昂山素姬和美國也歡迎這項決定,他們說,這顯示出回應普通民眾希望的意願。

  •   But China has urged Burma to protect the interests of Chinese companies involved in the project.
  • 但是中國敦促緬甸要保護這項工程所涉及的中國公司的利益。

  •   Aides to Aung San Suu Kyi said the dam was discussed when she met last week with a senior government official.
  • 昂山素姬的助手說,昂山素姬上個星期會晤政府高級官員時討論了有關大壩的事宜。

  •   China and Burma agreed in 2009 to build the $ 3.6 billion dam on the Irrawaddy River, slated for completion in 2019.
  • 中國和緬甸在 2009 年同意在伊諾瓦底江上修建這座耗資 36 億美元的大壩,本來計劃於 2019 年完工。


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