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十月份 第 01 課

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  • (2007-10-01)------

  • Japan Privatizes Postal System
  • 日本私營化郵政系統
  •   Japan has begun privatizing its postal system, creating the world's largest commercial bank in an effort to reshape the country's banking sector.
  • 日本開始郵政系統私營化,並由此產生了全球最大的商業銀行,這是重新整頓日本銀行領域上的努力。

  •   Japan Post is being split Monday into four companies that will run its banking and insurance operations, handle mail delivery and manage post offices.
  • 日本郵政星期一拆分為 4 個公司,分別從事銀行、保險、郵遞以及郵局管理業務。

  •   The companies will be made independent by 2017, and listed on the stock exchange.
  • 這些公司將在 2017 年前獨立經營且股票上市。

  •   The banking unit has 400 million accounts and three trillion dollars in assets - more than any other bank in the world.
  • 銀行部門擁有 4 億個帳戶、 3 兆美元資產,超過世界上任何銀行的規模。

  •   The government hopes the reform will increase competition in the financial services sector.
  • 日本政府希望這項改革可以增進金融服務行業的競爭。

  •   The plan is the result of reforms initiated in 2005 by former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi.
  • 這項計劃是前首相小泉純一郎於 2005 年提出改革的結果。


  • (2007-10-01)------

  • Macau Demonstrators Protest Illegal Workers, Corruption
  • 澳門示威群眾抗議非法勞工和腐敗
  •   Nearly one-thousand people in Macau have demonstrated against government corruption and illegal immigrant workers in the city's booming casino industry.
  • 澳門將近 1000 人舉行了示威遊行,抗議政府腐敗和在澳門繁榮的賭博業中謀生的非法移民。

  •   The demonstrators say they are not benefitting from the flood of new foreign investment in Macau's gaming industry because jobs are going to illegal workers.
  • 示威者說,他們並沒有從新一波注入澳門賭博業的外國投資中獲得任何好處,因為非法移民占走了工作的機會。

  •   The protesters blame government corruption for the authorities' failure to stop the practice.
  • 示威者指控政府腐敗,因為政府沒能阻止這種狀況。

  •   Monday's march marking China's National Day was peaceful.
  • 抗議者在星期一中國國慶日的時候舉行示威;遊行在和平的氣氛下進行。

  •   But riot police with shields and batons were standing by in case there was a repeat of the disturbance that broke out in a May Day protest earlier this year.
  • 但是防暴警察仍然手持警棍和盾牌在旁邊警戒,以防爆發類似今年五一期間曾經發生的動亂事件。

  •   Public protests in the largely autonomous southern Chinese territory are rare.
  • 民眾的抗議事件在基本自治的澳門是很少發生的。

  •   Macau returned to Chinese authority in 1999 after 400 years of Portuguese colonial rule.
  • 澳門在葡萄牙殖民統治 400 多年之後,於 1999 年回歸中國大陸。


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