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十月份 第 01 課

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  • (2006-10-02)------

  • Violence Kills 15 in Iraq
  • 伊拉克暴力導致15人喪生
  •   Shootings and bombings in Iraq have killed at least 15 people, including three Iraqi soldiers in Kut, and a British soldier in Basra.
  • 在伊拉克,槍擊和炸彈爆炸導致至少15人死亡,其中包括庫特的3名伊拉克士兵和巴士拉的一名英國士兵。

  •   Around Baghdad, police reported finding at least 50 mutilated bodies showing signs of torture.
  • 在巴格達附近地區,警方報告說,發現了至少50具殘缺不全的屍體.屍體上帶有酷刑的痕跡。

  •   Gunmen kidnapped 14 people from computer shops in central Baghdad. On Sunday, kidnappers captured 26 workers from a meat processing factory in western Baghdad.
  • 武裝人員在巴格達中心地區的電腦商店綁架了14個人.星期天在巴格達西部地區的一個肉品加工廠,也有26名工人被綁架。

  •   U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Zalmay Khalilzad blamed most killings in Iraq on "death squads" associated with sectarian militias. Speaking on American television (CNN's Late Edition) Sunday, he said the Iraqi government must do more in the next two months to curb sectarian violence.
  • 美國駐伊拉克大使哈利乍德認為,伊拉克大多數殺戮事件是和宗派激進分子有關聯的行刑隊所為.他星期天在美國CNN電視節目上說,伊拉克政府在今後兩個月裏必須加大努力,制止宗派暴力。

  •   Iraqi lawmakers today voted to extend the country's state of emergency for 30 more days. The emergency declaration has been in effect since November 2004.
  • 伊拉克議員們今天投票,決定將緊急狀態延長30天.這一緊急狀態是2004年11月開始生效的。


  • (2006-10-02)------

  • FBI Probes Legality of Foley Sex Messages
  • FBI調查美前議員佛利寄黃色電子郵件
  •   U.S. congressional and FBI officials are looking into whether a former congressman broke any laws when he sent sexually explicit messages to underage boys working as congressional pages.
  • 美國國會以及聯邦調查局的官員正在調查前國會議員佛利是否違反了法律.佛利曾經向在國會擔任通訊員的未成年男孩寄發帶有露骨性內容的電子郵件。

  •   An FBI spokesman said Sunday the bureau is working to determine if former Republican congressman Mark Foley violated federal laws.
  • 聯邦調查局的發言人星期天說,聯邦調查局正在調查佛利是否因此違反了聯邦法律。

  •   Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives Dennis Hastert also sent a letter to the Justice Department requesting an investigation into the six-term congressman's conduct with the boys.
  • 共和黨眾議院議長哈斯特德也致函司法部,要求調查擔任了6屆眾議員的佛利對這些少年的所作所為。

  •   Reports say Foley (of Florida) had been sending inappropriate messages to pages since at least 2003.
  • 有報導說,來自佛羅裏達州的佛利至少從2003年開始就向這些通訊員發送內容不當的郵件。

  •   The 52-year-old Foley abruptly resigned his seat in the House Friday after news about the messages broke. The scandal comes only five weeks before pivotal legislative elections.
  • 現年52歲的佛利在消息曝光之後,上星期五突然宣佈從眾議院辭職.這一醜聞的披露距離這次有關鍵意義的議會選舉只有5個星期。

  •   President Bush's Republican Party is in jeopardy of losing control of one or both houses of Congress.
  • 布希總統的共和黨面臨著失去國會眾議院和參議院多數地位的危機。


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