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十月份 第 01 課

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  • (2010-10-01)------

  • 7 Killed in Blasts Near Nigeria Independence Celebration
  • 尼日利亞獨立日活動現場附近 7 人被炸死
  •   Police in Nigeria's capital say at least seven people have been killed in explosions near the country's independence day celebrations.
  • 尼日利亞首都的警方說,至少 7 人在獨立慶典儀式附近發生的爆炸事件中身亡。

  •   Witnesses in Abuja say two car bombs exploded within minutes of each other Friday, with the second bomb killing people who had gathered after the first blast.
  • 阿布賈的目擊者稱,星期五,兩枚汽車炸彈在幾分鐘內接連爆炸,第二枚炸彈炸死了第一次爆炸發生後圍觀的一些人。

  •   Police say the seven dead include a police officer.
  • 警方說,7 人被炸死,其中包括一名警官。

  •   Those explosions occurred in front of a federal court building.
  • 這兩次爆炸都發生在一座聯邦法庭大樓前。

  •   A third, smaller explosion went off at the Eagle Square parade grounds during ceremonies marking Nigeria's 50 years of independence.
  • 第三次較小的爆炸發生在雄鷹廣場;那裏是慶祝尼日利亞獨立 50 週年遊行的地點。

  •   The ceremonies, including a long military parade, went ahead as planned, in the presence of President Goodluck Jonathan and other dignitaries.
  • 包括大型閱兵式在內的慶祝慶典按計劃進行,總統喬納森和其他政要都出席了慶典。

  •   Nigeria's most prominent militant group, the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta, had warned of the explosions about an hour before they occurred.
  • 尼日利亞最臭名昭著的激進組織尼日三角洲解放運動在爆炸發生約一小時前曾發出警告。

  •   MEND has history of attacks, including assaults against foreign oil companies.
  • 尼日三角洲解放運動以前曾發動過襲擊,襲擊目標包括外國石油公司。


  • (2010-10-01)------

  • Israeli PM Has a "Mission of Peace"
  • 以色列總理稱肩負 “和平使命”
  •   Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he is making efforts to continue direct peace talks with the Palestinians.
  • 以色列總理內塔尼亞胡說,他正在為繼續和巴勒斯坦人進行直接和談而努力。

  •   Mr. Netanyahu commented Friday at the start of his second meeting this week with U.S. Middle East envoy George Mitchell.
  • 內塔尼亞胡星期五在和美國中東特使米切爾本星期第二次會談開始時發表了這番評論。

  •   The Israeli leader said his country has a "mission of peace."
  • 這位以色列領導人說,他的國家肩負“和平使命”。

  •   Mitchell has been trying to persuade the Palestinians to remain in talks with Israel, although Israel's moratorium on West Bank settlement construction expired Sunday.
  • 米切爾試圖勸說巴勒斯坦人繼續與以色列進行和平會談,儘管以色列在約旦河西岸的定居點凍結令上星期日已經到期。

  •   Palestinians say settlement expansion is a key issue in determining if they will continue talks.
  • 巴勒斯坦人說,擴建定居點是決定繼續和談與否的一個關鍵問題。

  •   Israeli news reports say Mr. Netanyahu has rejected a U.S. offer of incentives designed to persuade him to extend the moratorium by 60 days.
  • 以色列新聞報導說,內塔尼亞胡拒絕了美國為了勸說他延長凍結令 60 天而提供的鼓勵措施。

  •   Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who met with Mitchell Thursday, said he will decide whether to quit the talks after consulting senior Arab officials in a meeting next week.
  • 巴勒斯坦權力機構主席阿巴斯星期四會見了米切爾,他表示他將在下個星期和阿拉伯國家高級官員磋商後決定是否退出直接和談。


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