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十月份 第 01 課

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  • (2008-10-01)------

  • 體育/中國體操選手
  •   The International Federation of Gymnastics (FIG) has ruled that the Chinese women gymnasts at this year's Beijing Olympics were old enough to compete.
  • 國際體操聯合會裁定,今年參加北京奧運的中國女體操選手符合參賽年齡。

  •   The Lausanne, Switzerland based gymnastics governing body made the announcement Wednesday, after a five and one-half week investigation into the ages of the Chinese gymnasts.
  • 位於瑞士洛桑的體操管理機構星期三做出了這項宣佈,此前對中國體操選手的年齡進行了五個半星期的調查。

  •   In a statement, the FIG said its decision was based on official documents it received from the Chinese Gymnastics Association, including passports, identity cards and Household Registers.
  • 國際體操聯合會的聲明說,這項裁定是根據從中國體操協會收到的官方文件做出的,包括護照、身份證和戶口。

  •   However the gymnastics organization is continuing its investigation into the ages of two Chinese gymnasts (Dong Fangxiao and Yang Yun) who competed at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.
  • 不過,國際體操聯合會繼續就曾經參加 2000 年雪梨奧運會的兩名中國體操選手的年齡進行調查。

  •   The statement said the FIG does not consider the explanations and evidence provided to date as satisfactory.
  • 聲明說,該機構認為有關方面迄今提供的解釋和證據不能令人滿意。


  • (2008-10-01)------

  • Chinese State Media say Tainted Milk Company Attempts Cover-Up
  • 中國官方媒體稱受污染奶粉公司試圖掩蓋醜聞
  •   Chinese state media say the company at the center of China's tainted milk scandal asked local government officials to help it cover up the problem days before the start of the Beijing Olympics.
  • 中國官方媒體說,處於中國毒牛奶醜聞中心的公司在北京奧運開幕的幾天前曾經請求地方政府官員幫助掩蓋問題。

  •   In a report in today's (Communist Party newspaper) China Daily, the spokesman for Shijiazhuang city (in northern China's Hebei province) says Sanlu Group asked local officials for help in a letter on August second -- six days before the opening of the games.
  • 中國日報今天 (星期三) 報導說,石家莊市發言人說,三鹿集團於 8 月 2 號向地方官員發出求助,當時離北京奧運開幕還有 6 天。

  •   The spokesman says the company asked officials to help it manage media response to the tainted milk situation in order to lessen negative impact on the public.
  • 這位發言人說,三鹿集團請求官員幫助控制有關毒牛奶的媒體反應,以減輕對公眾的負面影響。

  •   The spokesman admits that the government's response was too slow, but says little about whether the local government worked to hush up the crisis.
  • 這位發言人承認,政府做出反應過於遲緩,但他幾乎未提地方政府是否試圖掩蓋這場危機。

  •   He does say the government ordered the company to investigate, but notes that it did not report the situation to the provincial government until September ninth.
  • 他表示,地方政府命令這家公司進行調查,但直到 9 月 9 號才向省政府報告有關情況。


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