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十月份 第 14 課

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  • (2013-10-18)------

  • Snowden: 'Zero Chance' China, Russia Got Classified NSA Documents
  • 斯諾登:中俄獲得美國國安局機密文件的 “機會為零”
  •   The former U.S. intelligence contractor who disclosed that the National Security Agency spied on citizens says there is a "zero percent chance" Russia or China has classified NSA documents.
  • 揭露美國國家安全局監視公民項目的美國前情報合同工斯諾登說,中國或俄羅斯獲得美國國安局機密文件的 “機會為零”。

  •   In a New York Times interview published Thursday, Edward Snowden said he gave all such documents in his possession to journalists in Hong Kong.
  • 紐約時報星期四發表了斯諾登接受該報採訪的報導;斯諾登說,他把所有他獲得的這類文件都交給了在香港的記者。

  •   Snowden said taking the files with him when he fled to Moscow would not have served the public interest.
  • 斯諾登說,帶著這些文件飛往莫斯科不符合公眾利益。

  •   The former contractor also says he was highly familiar with Chinese cyber-counterintelligence and that the NSA knows he protected the classified information from China's spies.
  • 斯諾登還說,他非常熟悉中國的反間諜網路,而且美國國安局知道,他採取安全措施使中國不能得到國安局的那些機密資訊。

  •   Snowden revealed earlier this year that the NSA collected records of communications by U.S. citizens.
  • 斯諾登今年早些時候披露說,美國國安局收集美國公民的通訊記錄。

  •   Snowden said he decided to speak out after discovering an internal NSA report, on wiretapping by the Bush administration, without court orders.
  • 斯諾登說,他發現國安局的一份內部報告,內容有關布希政府在沒有得到法庭授權的情況下進行竊聽,於是決定披露此事。

  •   Snowden said the program skirted the existing surveillance laws.
  • 斯諾登說,該竊聽項目違反現有的監視法。

  •   He told the Times that if the highest officials in government can break the law without punishment, then "secret powers become tremendously dangerous."
  • 斯諾登對紐約時報說,如果政府最高級別的官員可以違反法律而不受懲罰,那麼 “不為人知的隱秘權力就會變得極端危險”。

  •   Snowden fled to Hong Kong and then to Moscow after disclosing the NSA spy program.
  • 斯諾登在揭露美國國安局的監聽項目後逃往香港,後又飛往莫斯科。

  •   Russian President Vladimir Putin granted him a year's asylum, angering the United States which wants to put him on trial.
  • 俄羅斯總統普京給予他為期一年的庇護,這激怒了希望審判斯諾登的美國。

  •   The NSA has not commented on Snowden's remarks to The New York Times, but has defended its surveillance program, saying it helped foil several major terrorist plots.
  • 美國國安局還沒有評論斯諾登對紐約時報發表的講話,不過國安局為其監聽項目辯護說,該項目幫助挫敗了幾起重大的恐怖陰謀。


  • (2013-10-18)------

  • Wildfires Ravage Southern Australia
  • 野火肆虐澳大利亞南部
  •   Australian authorities say wildfires burning through the southeastern state of New South Wales have destroyed around 100 homes near Sydney and left one man dead.
  • 澳大利亞當局說,西南部新南威爾士州發生多起山火,燒燬了雪梨附近的大約一百所房屋,並造成一名男子死亡。

  •   Officials said Friday that around 100 fires are burning, fanned by unusually high temperatures and high winds.
  • 有關官員星期五說,大約 100 處山火在燃燒,反常的高溫天氣和大風助長了火勢。

  •   About a third are still uncontained. Hundreds of people spent Thursday night in evacuation centers on the outskirts of Sydney.
  • 目前還有大約三分之一的山火沒有得到控制;星期四,數百人在雪梨郊區的疏散營過夜。

  •   The weather turned milder Friday, but officials say conditions are still dangerous.
  • 星期五氣溫下降,但有關官員說,局勢仍很危險。

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