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十月份 第 18 課

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  • (2013-10-24)------

  • Pakistan's Sharif and Obama Talk of Improved Ties
  • 巴基斯坦的謝里夫和歐巴馬討論改善雙邊關係
  •   Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has asked U.S. President Barack Obama to end drone strikes on his country, strikes that are widely unpopular in Pakistan.
  • 巴基斯坦總理謝里夫要求美國總統歐巴馬停止在巴基斯坦的無人飛機空襲;無人機空襲在巴基斯坦非常不得人心。

  •   Following talks Wednesday at the White House, Mr. Sharif said he emphasized "the need for an end to such strikes."
  • 謝里夫星期三結束在白宮的會談之後說,他強調了 “結束這類空襲的必要性”。

  •   Mr. Obama did not mention drones in his remarks to reporters.
  • 歐巴馬在對記者講話中沒有提及無人機空襲。

  •   But in a published report Thursday, The Washington Post says top officials in Pakistan's government have secretly endorsed the U.S. drone program.
  • 但華盛頓郵報星期四報導,巴基斯坦高層官員秘密支援美國的無人機空襲計劃。

  •   The newspaper says top-secret CIA documents and Pakistani diplomatic memos it has obtained shows Islamabad received classified briefings on strikes and casualty counts.
  • 報導說,該報獲得的美國中央情報局高度機密文件以及巴基斯坦外交備忘錄顯示,伊斯蘭堡收到了有關無人機空襲以及傷亡情況的秘密介紹。

  •   Mr. Obama cited Pakistan's battle with terrorism, saying more than 40,000 Pakistanis have died in extremist attacks during the past decade.
  • 歐巴馬讚揚巴基斯坦向恐怖主義所作的鬥爭;他說,在過去10年裏,4 萬多名巴基斯坦人死於極端分子的襲擊。

  •   He said he knows Mr. Sharif is very much committed to try to reduce terrorism in Pakistan and prevent it from being exported.
  • 歐巴馬說,他了解謝里夫一心致力於制止巴基斯坦的恐怖主義活動,並防止恐怖主義向境外蔓延。

  •   A joint statement from the two leaders said their partnership is "based on the principles of respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity."
  • 兩位領導人發表的聯合聲明說,他們的夥伴關係 “建立在尊重主權和領土完整的原則基礎之上”。

  •   Mr. Obama also said he tried to reassure Mr. Sharif about the status of Afghanistan, where U.S. combat forces plan to withdraw next year.
  • 歐巴馬還表示,他試圖讓謝里夫對阿富汗的狀況感到安心;美國作戰部隊計劃明年撤離阿富汗。

  •   He said he is "confident" of a solution "that is good for Afghanistan, but also helps to protect Pakistan over the long term."
  • 歐巴馬說,他相信這一方案不但 “對阿富汗有利”,也有助於長期保護巴基斯坦。


  • (2013-10-24)------

  • Military Drill Sparked Massive Australian Wildfire: Investigators
  • 調查人員稱軍事演習導致澳大利亞大規模野火
  •   Australian officials say a routine military drill is responsible for sparking one of the largest of the dozens of fires that have ravaged the country's most populous state.
  • 澳大利亞官員說,一次例行軍事演習導致了一場森林大火,目前有數十起森林大火肆虐澳大利亞最大的州,而這場森林大火的火勢最大。

  •   Investigators say an explosion during a live-fire military exercise ignited bushland near the city of Lithgow, west of Sydney.
  • 調查人員說,實彈軍演中發生一次爆炸,引燃了雪梨以西城市利斯戈附近的一處叢林。

  •   The blaze has burned 47,000 hectares of land and destroyed several houses.
  • 這場森林大火蔓延範圍為 4 萬 7 千公頃,並燒燬了幾棟房屋。

  •   Mark Greenhill, the mayor of the nearby town of Blue Mountains, said he hopes to see a transparent investigation.
  • 森林大火附近的藍山鎮鎮長格林希爾說,他希望能夠進行一次透明的調查。

  •   Though the danger has eased somewhat with the onset of cooler weather, more than 60 fires are still burning in New South Wales state, with many still raging out of control.
  • 雖然天氣轉涼減輕了森林大火的威脅,但 60 多起森林大火仍在新南威爾士州燃燒,其中很多森林大火尚未得到控制。

  •   Since late last week, the fires have destroyed over 200 homes and led to the death of one person.
  • 自上週末以來,森林大火已經毀掉 2 百多所民宅,並導致一人死亡。

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