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十月份 第 10 課

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  • (2013-10-14)------

  • Three Americans Win Nobel Economics Prize
  • 三位美國經濟學家榮獲 2013 年諾貝爾經濟學獎
  •   Three American economists were awarded the Nobel Prize in economics for their work on determining how asset prices change over time.
  • 三位美國經濟學家因為對資產價格隨著時間如何改變的研究而榮獲 2013 年的諾貝爾經濟學獎。

  •   The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, in a statement Monday, named Eugene Fama, Lars Peter Hansen and Robert Shiller as recipients of the 2013 award for their "empirical analysis of asset prices."
  • 瑞典皇家科學院星期一發表聲明說, 美國經濟學家尤金‧法馬、拉爾斯‧彼得‧漢森以及羅伯特‧席勒因為對 “資產價格的實證分析” 而獲獎。

  •   The academy said that while it is hard to predict the price of stocks and bonds over the next few days or weeks, the work by these economists make it possible to foresee the broad course of these prices over longer periods, such as the next three to five years.
  • 瑞典皇家科學院說,雖然很難準確預測未來幾天或幾週的股票和債券的價格,但這三位學者的研究使人們能夠對三年到五年內的價格趨勢進行預測。

  •   Fama and Hansen are professors at the University of Chicago, in Illinios, while Shiller teaches at Yale University in Connecticut.
  • 法馬和漢森在伊利諾伊州的芝加哥大學工作,席勒則是位於康涅狄克州的耶魯大學教授。


  • (2013-10-14)------

  • Stampede Near Indian Hindu Temple Kills 110
  • 印度踩踏事件造成至少 110 人喪生
  •   Officials in central India have ordered a judicial inquiry into what caused the stampede on a bridge leading to a remote Hindu temple in Madhya Pradesh state that killed at least 110 people.
  • 印度中央邦達基亞地區通往一座偏遠的印度教神廟的橋上發生踩踏事件,造成至少 110 人死亡;印度中部地區的官員說,已下令對這起事件展開司法調查。

  •   Authorities say 100 people were injured Sunday in the incident.
  • 有關當局說,星期天的踩踏事故還造成一百人受傷。

  •   Witnesses say pilgrims panicked and began to stampede after some railings on the bridge broke, spurring rumors the bridge would collapse.
  • 目擊者說,那座橋的一些欄杆斷折,於是出現橋梁將要垮塌的傳言,造成信徒們的恐慌,隨後發生踩踏事件。

  •   Some devotees were crushed to death under the feet of fellow worshippers, while others drowned after falling or jumping into the Sindh River.
  • 一些信徒被其他人踩死,另一些人掉進或跳到信德河裏被淹死。

  •   Local media said as many as 500,000 devotees had gathered to celebrate the popular 10-day Navaratra festival at the Ratangarh temple.
  • 當地媒體說,多達 50 萬信徒在拉坦加神廟聚會,歡慶為期 10 天的民間納瓦拉特拉節。

  •   Many were already inside when the stampede took place.
  • 踩踏事件發生時,許多人已經進入神廟裏面。

  •   Witnesses said the situation was made worse by police attempting to control the crowd with batons.
  • 目擊者說,警察試圖用警棍控制人群,結果引起許多人恐慌,使局面更加惡化。

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