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十月份 第 02 課

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  • (2013-10-02)------

  • Asian Development Bank Trims Growth Forecast
  • 亞洲開發銀行調低經濟增長率預測
  •   The Asian Development Bank has cut its growth forecast for the region's developing countries because of weakness in its two largest economies and concerns over a possible reduction in U.S. stimulus measures.
  • 由於中國和印度經濟表現疲軟以及對美國可能削減刺激經濟措施的擔憂,亞洲開發銀行調低了對亞洲發展中國家經濟增長的預期值。

  •   In its twice-yearly report Tuesday, the bank predicted developing Asia will grow at 6 percent in 2013, down from its April estimate of 6.6 percent.
  • 亞洲開發銀行星期二發表報告,預測亞洲發展中國家 2013 年的經濟增長率為 6 %,而 4 月發表的報告做出的經濟增長率預測是 6.6 %。

  •   For 2014, it expects growth will accelerate slightly to 6.2 percent, down from its prior estimate of 6.7 percent.
  • 亞洲開發銀行預計,亞洲發展中國家 2014 年的經濟增長率將小幅提高至 6.2 %,低於 4 月報告預測的 6.7 %。

  •   The Philippines-based lender revised its predictions because of slower growth in China and India.
  • 總部設在菲律賓的亞洲開發銀行之所以修正對亞洲發展中國家經濟增長率的預期,是因為中國和印度的經濟增長速度減緩。

  •   It also cited nervousness over Washington's plans to eventually trim stimulus measures used to boost the American economy from the depths of the 2009 recession.
  • 此外,亞洲開發銀行還指出,人們對美國計劃最終削減刺激經濟措施感到擔憂;美國採取刺激措施是為了使本國經濟擺脫 2009 年經濟衰退的影響。

  •   But it said Asia's emerging markets will be able to deal with the U.S. Federal Reserve's eventual scaling back of the monetary easing policies, noting that most of its economies have healthy current-account surpluses and ample foreign currency reserves.
  • 但亞洲開發銀行說,亞洲的新興市場將有能力應對美聯儲收緊貨幣寬鬆政策所帶來的局面;該銀行還指出,大多數亞洲經濟體保持著健全的經常賬戶盈餘,而且擁有足夠的外匯儲備。


  • (2013-10-02)------

  • Protesters Denounce Trial of Vietnamese Activist
  • 抗議者譴責對於越南活動人士的審判
  •   Scores of protesters have gathered in Vietnam's capital to denounce what they say is a politically motivated trial against a prominent rights activist.
  • 一百多名抗議者在越南首都舉行集會,譴責當局審判一位著名人權活動人士;他們說,對這位人權活動人士的審判是出於政治動機。

  •   Hundreds of police Wednesday formed a ring around the Hanoi People's Court, where lawyer and blogger Le Quoc Quan is to faces charges of tax evasion.
  • 星期三,數百名警察在河內人民法院周圍警戒,律師、部落格作者李作全因被控逃稅而受審。

  •   His supporters were not able to reach the court.
  • 李作全的支援者不能接近法院。

  •   But at least 100 people gathered elsewhere in the city, waving signs and shouting slogans calling for Quan's release.
  • 但至少一百人聚集河內其他地點,揮舞標語牌,呼喊口號,要求釋放李作全。

  •   Quan is one of Vietnam's most well-known government critics.
  • 李作全是越南最著名的異議人士。

  •   Before his arrest in December, the Catholic lawyer ran a blog on human rights, democracy, religious freedom and other sensitive topics.
  • 在去年 12 月被逮捕之前,這位信仰天主教的律師在其部落格中撰寫有關人權、民主、宗教自由以及其他敏感問題的文章。

  •   Rights groups say the case is another example of Hanoi's widening crackdown on those it sees as opponents.
  • 人權組織說,這一案件再次顯示河內當局擴大了對異議人士的鎮壓。

  •   Human Rights Watch called the charges "politically motivated" and called for his immediate release.
  • 人權觀察說,對李作全的起訴是出於政治動機,並敦促立即釋放他。

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