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十月份 第 02 課

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  • (2008-10-02)------

  • China Says New Milk 'Melamine Free
  • 中國稱新產牛奶不含三聚氰胺
  •   Chinese safety officials say the latest inspection of newly produced liquid milk has found no traces of contamination.
  • 中國產品安全官員說,對新生產牛奶的最新檢驗沒有發現含三聚氰胺成分。

  •   State-run news media quote officials today (Thursday) as saying that tests showed no trace of the chemical melamine in samples of liquid milk recently produced by 65 major Chinese brands.
  • 中國官方媒體星期四援引中國官員的話說,最近對 65 個主要中國品牌的液狀牛奶進行了檢驗,沒有三聚氰胺的成分。

  •   The tainted milk scandal broke last month, after Chinese-based Sanlu Group acknowledged its baby formula products were laced with melamine.
  • 中國有毒牛奶的醜聞 9 月被曝光;在那之前,中國的三鹿集團承認它們生產的嬰兒配方奶粉含有三聚氰氨。

  •   The tainted products have been blamed for the deaths of four infants and sickening at least 53-thousand others.
  • 這些被污染的奶粉導致了 4 名嬰兒的死亡和至少 5 萬 3 千多名嬰兒患病。


  • (2008-10-02)------

  • US VP Candidates to Debate
  • 美國副總統提名人即將辯論
  •   U.S. Democratic Senator Joe Biden and Republican Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska face off tonight (Thursday night) in the only debate between the two vice presidential candidates.
  • 美國民主黨參議員拜登和阿拉斯加州州長、共和黨人佩林今天晚上 (星期四) 將在唯一的一場副總統辯論中交鋒。

  •   The debate (in St. Louis, Missouri) is expected to focus on the economic crisis.
  • 在密蘇里州聖路易斯市舉行的這場副總統辯論預計將集中在經濟危機上。

  •   But Palin, who is a relative newcomer to the national stage, also is expected to be closely watched.
  • 同時,很多注意力也將會集中在佩林這個美國政治舞台的新人身上。

  •   Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain's pick of Palin as his running mate has energized party conservatives, but critics question whether Palin has enough experience.
  • 共和黨總統侯選人麥凱恩挑選佩林做為他的競選搭檔使共和黨的保守人士歡欣鼓舞,但是也有批評者質疑佩林是否有足夠的經驗。

  •   McCain (during a CNN interview) today (Thursday) expressed confidence in her "experience, talent and leadership."
  • 麥凱恩星期四接受電視採訪時對佩林的「經驗、才智和領導才能」表示有信心。

  •   Palin faces an experienced Washington hand in Senator Biden, but the Delaware lawmaker is prone to verbal gaffes (mistakes).
  • 佩林將迎戰經驗豐富的華盛頓老手拜登參議員,不過這位來自德拉威州的參議員也經常口誤失言。

  •   Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama today said he believes Biden will do -- in his words -- "pretty well."
  • 民主黨總統侯選人歐巴馬參議員星期四說,他相信拜登將在辯論中,用他的話說會「表現良好」。


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