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十月份 第 02 課

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  • (2006-10-03)------

  • North Korea Vows to Conduct Nuclear Test
  • 北韓誓言進行核子試驗
  •   North Korea's foreign ministry says the country will conduct a nuclear test to bolster its defenses against what it calls “U.S. hostility”.
  • 北韓外務省說,北韓將進行一次核子試驗,加強針對北韓所稱“美國敵意”的防禦能力。

  •   In response to that announcement Tuesday, South Korea said it has strengthened its security level and alert status.
  • 做為北韓宣佈的回應,南韓星期二說提升自己的安全級別和警戒狀態。

  •   The Japanese and British foreign ministries condemned the announcement, saying such a test would result in serious consequences.
  • 日本外務省和英國外交部都對北韓的宣佈提出譴責,說這樣的試驗會帶來嚴重後果。

  •   But the Russian foreign ministry cast doubts on the threat, saying North Korea has made similar claims before. Moscow said those claims have not been substantiated.
  • 但是俄羅斯外交部對北韓的威脅表示懷疑,說北韓以前也曾做出過類似聲明.莫斯科說,那些宣稱都沒有得到證實。


  • (2006-10-03)------

  • Russia Officially Suspends All Transport, Postal Links with Georgia
  • 俄羅斯正式暫停同喬治亞所有交通及郵政聯繫
  •   Russia has suspended all transport and postal links with neighboring Georgia in retaliation for Tbilisi's detention last week of four Russian military officers accused of spying.
  • 俄羅斯暫時中斷了同鄰國喬治亞的所有交通和郵政聯繫,以報復第比利斯上星期拘押4名被控從事間諜活動的俄羅斯軍官。

  •   Tuesday's suspension comes hours after Georgian authorities freed the four officers in what they called a "goodwill gesture."
  • 在喬治亞當局釋放了這4名俄羅斯軍官,作為他們所稱的“友好姿態”幾個小時以後,俄羅斯星期二做出暫停決定。

  •   Georgian officials turned over the Russians to diplomats from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.
  • 喬治亞官員將這些俄羅斯人交給了歐洲安全與合作組織的外交官。

  •   Despite the sanctions, Russian president Vladimir Putin Monday ordered a long-planned pullout of Russian troops from Georgia to continue. The Russian forces are expected to leave by the end of 2008.
  • 儘管實施了制裁,俄羅斯總統普京星期一還是下令繼續按早就制定的計劃從喬治亞撤出俄羅斯軍隊.俄羅斯部隊預計將在2008年年底前撤出。

  •   The U.S. State Department welcomed the Russians' release and urged both countries to avoid friction. Georgia arrested the officers last week.
  • 美國國務院對俄羅斯軍官獲釋表示歡迎,並敦促這兩個國家避免發生磨擦.喬治亞上星期逮捕這些軍官。

  •   Georgian television broadcast videotape it says show the Russians meeting with their contacts. Russia has denied the spy charges. Mr. Putin called the arrests "state terrorism."
  • 喬治亞電視臺播出了錄影畫面,並說顯示這些俄羅斯人正在同線人接頭.俄羅斯否認了間諜指控.普京稱逮捕行動是“國家恐怖主義”。


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