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十月份 第 02 課

  • 歷史上的今天------>
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  • (2011-10-04)------

  • Brothers of Liu Xiaobo Report Visit With Chinese Nobelist
  • 劉曉波兄弟被允許探監
  •   Relatives of Liu Xiaobo say they have been granted a rare visit with the Nobel Peace Prize winner, who is jailed in China.
  • 劉曉波的親屬說,他們罕見地被允許探望關在中國監獄中的這位諾貝爾和平獎得主。

  •   Liu's three brothers told reporters Tuesday that Liu appeared in good health when they visited him in his prison cell last week.
  • 劉曉波的三個兄弟星期二對記者表示,他們上個星期去他的牢房探訪時,劉曉波看上去健康狀況良好。

  •   One of the brothers said Liu's wife, Liu Xia, was also granted a visit in August.
  • 劉曉波的一個兄弟說,劉曉波的妻子劉霞在 8 月份也曾經被允許探視。

  •   The visit came shortly before the anniversary of Liu's being granted the Nobel Peace Prize, an action that infuriated China and briefly disrupted relations between Beijing and Norway, where the prize committee is based.
  • 這次探視過後不久就將是劉曉波被授予諾貝爾和平獎一週年;劉曉波獲獎激怒了中國當局,並一度阻礙了北京與諾貝爾獎委員會所在國挪威之間的關係。

  •   Liu was sentenced in December 2009 to 11 years in prison on subversion charges.
  • 劉曉波於 2009 年 12 月因被控煽動顛覆國家政權罪被判處 11 年徒刑。

  •   The 55-year-old writer had co-authored a manifesto calling for political reform known as "Charter 08."
  • 這位現年 55 歲的作家與其他人合作完成了呼籲政治改革的宣言《零八憲章》。


  • (2011-10-04)------

  • China Denounces US Bill to Punish Currency Manipulators
  • 美國參議院推進對人民幣採取措施
  •   China is warning of serious disruptions in U.S.-China trade ties if the U.S. Senate goes ahead with a measure to punish Beijing for undervaluing its currency.
  • 中國警告說,如果美國國會參議院通過議案,懲罰北京人為壓低人民幣匯率,將嚴重干擾美中貿易關係。

  •   Senate members voted late Monday to proceed with the bill, setting the stage for several days of debate before it comes to a vote.
  • 美國國會參議院星期一晚間投票通過推進該議案的動議;議員們將花幾天時間辯論,然後進行最後投票表決。

  •   If the bill becomes law, the United States could impose retaliatory tariffs on any country that deliberately keeps the value of its currency artificially low.
  • 如果該法案成為法律,美國可以對人為壓低貨幣匯率的國家施加報復性關稅。

  •   Chinese officials denounced the bill Tuesday, saying the United States is using the currency issue as an excuse for protectionist trade measures.
  • 中國官員星期二譴責該法案,稱美國利用匯率問題作為採取貿易保護主義措施的藉口。

  •   In a posting on the government website, foreign ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu said the bill "gravely" violates World Trade Organization rules and would seriously upset trade and economic relations between the two nations.
  • 中國外交部發言人馬朝旭在中國政府網站上說,美國國會擬議中的議案嚴重違反了世界貿易組織規則,將嚴重損害兩國經濟關係。


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