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十月份 第 11 課

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  • (2013-10-15)------

  • Bipartisan Deal Could End U.S. Shutdown
  • 美國兩黨可能達成協定結束政府關閉
  •   A bipartisan accord to reopen the U.S. government and avoid a debt default is taking shape in the Senate, as potential U.S. insolvency looms and the federal shutdown enters a third week.
  • 美國國會參議院的兩黨議員已經達成共識,將恢復政府運作,避免違約拖欠債務;目前美國政府部份關閉已經進入第三周,人們擔心美國可能無法償還債務。

  •   House and Senate Republicans are expected to meet Tuesday to discuss a potential deal that could end the government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling.
  • 國會參眾兩院的議員星期二預計將會面討論如何達成協定;這項協議可能結束政府關閉,提高債務上限。

  •   After a day of talks Monday, both Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell expressed optimism that a deal could be reached.
  • 在週一的協商之後,民主黨籍的參議院多數黨領袖里德和參院的共和黨領袖麥康奈爾都對可能達成協定表示樂觀。

  •   Reid told reporters late Monday that there was "tremendous progress" toward a deal.
  • 里德星期一晚間對記者說,雙方在簽署協議方面取得了 “巨大的進展“。

  •   He cautioned that Congress is "not there yet," but predicted Tuesday could be a "bright day."
  • 他告誡說,國會 “還沒有完全達成共識,“但是他預測星期二可能是” 美好的一天“。

  •   McConnell said he shares Reid's optimism.
  • 麥康奈爾說,他對此也感到樂觀。

  •   Any deal would have to be approved by both the House and the Senate before being signed by the president.
  • 任何協議都必須在國會參眾兩院獲得通過,然後得到總統的簽署。


  • (2013-10-15)------

  • 73 Killed in Philippines Earthquake
  • 菲律賓發生地震 73 人死亡
  •   A powerful earthquake struck the central Philippines early Tuesday, killing at least 73 people and wounding hundreds more in a popular tourist region.
  • 菲律賓中部一處旅遊勝地星期二發生強烈地震,至少 73 人死亡,數百人受傷。

  •   The 7.2-magnitude quake was centered near Bohol Island, where authorities say the majority of the casualties occurred.
  • 這次 7 點 2 級的地震震中位於薄荷島附近;當局說,大部份傷亡事件發生那裏。

  •   The quake, and several powerful aftershocks, collapsed buildings, buckled roads, and sent frightened residents rushing out of their homes and businesses.
  • 地震和隨後發生的幾次餘震造成房屋倒塌,道路扭曲,驚恐的居民跑到室外躲避。

  •   The death toll is expected to climb as the rescue operation continues on Tuesday.
  • 救災行動星期二仍在繼續,預計死亡人數還會上升。

  •   Pictures on social media showed extensive damage to shops and roads torn apart by the quake.
  • 社交媒體上的照片顯示,災區的許多店舖受損,道路斷裂。

  •   Witnesses say several of the area's historic buildings suffered major damage.
  • 目擊者說,該地區一些古老建築受到嚴重破壞。

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