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十月份 第 14 課

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  • (2012-10-19)------

  • Obama, Romney Share Jokes and Insults at Charity Dinner
  • 歐巴馬和羅姆尼在慈善晚宴上相互調侃
  •   U.S. President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney made fun of themselves and each other at a high-profile charity dinner Thursday in New York.
  • 星期四,美國總統歐巴馬和他的共和黨挑戰者羅姆尼在紐約市一次倍受關註的慈善募捐晚宴上相互調侃。

  •   The formal event hosted by the city's Catholic Archdiocese at the Luxury Waldorf-Astoria Hotel was a chance for the candidates to take a break from an often combative presidential campaign.
  • 這次晚宴由紐約天主教大主教管區主辦,地點是華爾道夫豪華酒店;在常常充滿火藥味的總統競選中,這次晚宴是歐巴馬和羅姆尼放鬆一下的好機會。

  •   Mr. Romney, a multi-millionaire, began the evening by taking a shot at his own wealth.
  • 羅姆尼身為千萬富翁,在晚宴開始時拿自己的財富開起了玩笑。

  •   His speech also poked fun at the media, who many Republicans accuse of favoring Democrats.
  • 此外,他還對媒體進行調侃;很多共和黨人指責媒體偏向民主黨。

  •   President Obama also took aim at Mr. Romney's wealth, noting that while he had earlier gone shopping at some stores in Midtown Manhattan, Mr. Romney "went shopping for some stores."
  • 歐巴馬也拿羅姆尼的財富開玩笑;他說,他在曼哈頓商業區的一些商店買東西時,羅姆尼正在選購商店。

  •   Mr. Obama made light of his performance in the first debate, during which many said he looked tired and uninterested.
  • 歐巴馬還以輕鬆的口吻談到他在第一次總統競選辯論中的表現;很多人認為歐巴馬在那次辯論中顯得疲倦和漫不經心。

  •   The Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner, named after a former Democratic governor of New York and the first Roman Catholic presidential candidate in 1928, is expected to raise $5 million for Catholic charities.
  • 阿爾‧史密斯紀念基金是以紐約州前民主黨籍州長阿爾‧史密斯命名的;阿爾‧史密斯 1928 年競選總統,是首位被提名的羅馬天主教教徒總統候選人;這個基金會預計將為天主教募集五百萬美元的慈善捐款。


  • (2012-10-19)------

  • North Korea Threatens Military Attack if Activists in South Korea Launch Balloons with Leaflets
  • 朝鮮稱如果韓國活動人士放飛氣球散發傳單將炮擊韓國
  •   North Korea has threatened to shell South Korea if activists in the South send anti-Pyongyang leaflets over the border.
  • 朝鮮威脅說,如果韓國活動人士越境散發反對平壤的傳單,朝鮮就將炮擊韓國。

  •   The North's official Korean Central News Agency said Friday that the Western Front Command of the Korean People's Army would conduct a "merciless strike" without warning on northwestern Phaju City, where activists say they will launch balloons Monday carrying the leaflets.
  • 朝鮮官方的朝中社星期五說,朝鮮人民軍西線指揮部將不事先警告,對韓國西北部坡州市進行一次 “無情的打擊”;活動人士說,他們下星期一將在坡州市放飛攜帶傳單的氣球。

  •   The KCNA accused South Korea's military of directly engineering propaganda, but Seoul has said it has nothing to do with the launches.
  • 朝中社指責韓國軍方直接策劃宣傳活動,但首爾曾經表示沒有參與放飛氣球。

  •   North Korea has lashed out at previous balloon launches, threatening to shell South Korea in response to such actions, which it calls deliberate provocation by Seoul that could lead to war.
  • 朝鮮抨擊以往的氣球放飛,並揚言要針對這種行動炮擊韓國,聲稱首爾這種蓄意挑釁可能導致戰爭。

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