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十月份 第 07 課

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  • (2008-10-09)------

  • Herbal Injection Kills 3 in China
  • 中國三人注射中藥劑後死亡
  •   Three people have died in southwestern China after receiving an herbal injection that is used to treat heart disease.
  • 中國西南的雲南省有 3 人在注射用於治療心臟病的中藥注射劑後死亡。

  •   The official news agency Xinhua says the State Food and Drug Administration suspended the use and distribution of the injectable herbal remedy after it sickened six people in a Yunnan province hospital.
  • 官方的新華社說,國家食品藥品管理局在雲南省一家醫院 6 人因接受這種藥劑的注射患病之後,暫停了這種中藥藥劑的使用和銷售。

  •   It said the six vomited and suffered other adverse reactions after being injected with the remedy, which contains an extract from a type of Siberian ginseng.
  • 新華社說,這 6 人在接受這種藥劑注射後出現嘔吐和其他不良症狀;這種注射劑含有一種從西伯利亞人參中提取出的物質。

  •   Three of them died on Monday.
  • 這 6 人中有 3 人星期一死亡。

  •   The government has dispatched inspectors to the company that produced the drug, Wandashan Pharmaceutical in Heilongjiang province.
  • 政府已經派檢查人員前往生產這一藥物的公司黑龍江完達山製藥廠。

  •   Siberian ginseng has been used to treat coronary heart disease and blood clots.
  • 西伯利亞人參曾經用來治療冠心病和血栓。


  • (2008-10-09)------

  • China Demands Return of Guantanamo Detainees
  • 中國要求遣返關塔那摩灣在押犯
  •   Chinese officials have issued fresh demands that the United States hand over 17 Muslims from China who are being held at the U.S. military base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
  • 中國官員再次要求美國將關押在古巴關塔那摩灣美軍基地的 17 名中國籍回教徒交給中國。

  •   Speaking with reporters today (Thursday) in Beijing, Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang says the detainees must face the "sanction of the law" in China.
  • 中國外交部發言人秦剛星期四在北京對記者說,這些在押人員必須在中國面對「法律制裁」。

  •   Qin says the 17 men are members of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, a group the United Nations lists as a terrorist organization.
  • 秦剛說,這 17 人是東突厥斯坦伊斯蘭運動的成員;聯合國將這個組織列為恐怖組織。

  •   He says the United States should live up to its obligations in the U.N. and repatriate the men.
  • 他說,美國應該兌現在聯合國的責任,將這些人遣返。

  •   U.S. officials fear the detainees could be tortured if they are turned over to China and have been trying since 2004 to release them to a third country.
  • 美國官員擔心,這些在押人員如果被交給中國可能會受到折磨;從 2004 年以來,美國官員試圖將他們釋放到第三國。

  •   Qin denies the men will be tortured, saying such practices violate Chinese law.
  • 秦剛否認這些人會受到折磨;他說,這些折磨的做法違反中國法律。

  •   The Bush administration and U.S. courts are in a tug-of-war over whether the men - who are all from the ethnic Uighur group in northwestern China - should be released into the United States.
  • 布希政府和美國法院正在就是否應該放這些人進入美國的問題進行一場拉鋸戰;這些人都是中國西北的維吾爾族人。


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