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十月份 第 08 課

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  • (2010-10-12)------

  • Bus-Train Collision in Ukraine Kills 41
  • 烏克蘭巴士與火車相撞 41 人喪生
  •   A train in southeastern Ukraine has collided with a bus, killing at least 41 people and critically injuring nearly a dozen others.
  • 一列火車在烏克蘭東南部與一輛公共汽車相撞,導致至少41 人死亡,將近 12 人受重傷。

  •   Authorities say the accident occurred Tuesday morning near the town of Marhanets.
  • 有關當局說,這起事故星期二早晨發生在馬爾加涅茨鎮附近。

  •   Witnesses say the commuter bus entered a railway crossing after ignoring an alarm signaling an oncoming train.
  • 目擊者說,這輛公共汽車不顧有火車駛來的信號燈警告,開進了鐵道交叉口。

  •   Ukrainian Prime Minister Azarov told lawmakers that investigators are working alongside emergency personnel at the crash site to determine what happened.
  • 烏克蘭總理阿扎羅夫星期二對議員表示,調查人員正在出事地點同緊急救護人員一起工作,來確定事故發生的原因。

  •   Lawmakers stood for a moment of silence in memory of the victims.
  • 議員們以站立默哀來紀念死者。

  •   An Interior Ministry statement said the train dragged the bus 30 meters after impact.
  • 內政部發表聲明說,這列火車在同公共汽車相撞後將公共汽車拽了 30 米之遠。

  •   It warned that the death toll could rise.
  • 聲明警告說,死亡人數可能還會增加。

  •   Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych expressed condolences to relatives of the victims.
  • 烏克蘭總統亞努科維奇對死傷者的親屬表示了慰問。


  • (2010-10-12)------

  • Deadly Grenade Attack on NATO Helicopter in Afghanistan
  • 北約直升機在阿富汗遭致命榴彈攻擊
  •   NATO says insurgents in Afghanistan fired a rocket-propelled grenade at a military helicopter, killing one person and wounding eight others.
  • 北約表示,一架北約的軍用直升機在阿富汗遭到反叛分子的火箭流彈攻擊,造成一人死亡,八人受傷。

  •   The alliance says the Chinook helicopter had just landed at a base in Kunar province Tuesday when the attack took place.
  • 北約說,星期二這架奇努克式直升機剛剛在庫納爾省的一個基地降落就受到攻擊。

  •   NATO says the aircraft was being off-loaded through the rear ramp, when insurgents fired the grenade into the cargo bay.
  • 北約說,反叛分子向直升機貨艙發射流彈的時候,直升機正從飛機尾部卸貨。

  •   The alliance says the attack killed an Afghan interpreter and wounded seven NATO service members and an Afghan border police officer.
  • 聯軍說,這次攻擊打死一名阿富汗翻譯,打傷 7 名北約軍人和一名阿富汗邊防警察。

  •   A man who claims to be a Taliban spokesman says Taliban fighters carried out the attack.
  • 一名自稱塔利班發言人的男子說,塔利班戰士執行了這次攻擊。

  •   NATO says 26 people were onboard the helicopter.
  • 聯軍說,這架直升機載有 26 人。

  •   The wounded were evacuated to a medical facility for treatment.
  • 傷員已經被疏散到醫療設施接受治療。

  •   Separately, NATO says one of its service members was killed Tuesday in a roadside bombing in southern Afghanistan.
  • 與此同時,北約表示,北約一名軍人星期二在阿富汗南部被路邊炸彈炸死。


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