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十月份 第 13 課

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  • (2008-10-17)------

  • Bush Tries To Reassure Investors and Ease Economic Worries
  • 布希談救助措施鼓勵投資者
  •   U.S. President George Bush says the government has taken "systematic and aggressive" action to solve the current financial crisis.
  • 美國總統布希說,政府已經採取系統而有力的行動應對當前的金融危機。

  •   He called these measures "bold" but said they will take some time to work.
  • 他說,這些措施是大膽的,但需要一些時間來產生效果。

  •   He said Washington is acting in concert with nations around the world, and plans further close consultations on the issue Saturday with the president of France and other top officials.
  • 布希說,華盛頓正在與世界各國協調行動,並計劃在星期天與法國總統以及其他高層官員進一步密切磋商。

  •   Mr. Bush spoke less than an hour before stock markets opened for trading in the United States, and right after a discouraging government economic report.
  • 布希在美國股市開市前不到一小時發表了以上講話,而美國政府剛剛發表令人失望的經濟報告。

  •   The Commerce Department said the number of new homes under construction fell to a 17-year low in September.
  • 美國商務部說,正在建造的新住宅數量 9 月份下跌到 17 年來的最低水準。

  •   European markets moved nearly two percent higher while Mr. Bush spoke. Before his speech, stocks rebounded in Tokyo, where Japan's key Nikkei index closed more than two-and-a-half percent higher. Hong Kong's Hang Seng index dropped nearly four-and-one-half percent.
  • 布希發表講話之際,歐洲股市上漲將近 2 %。布希講話之前,東京股市出現強勁反彈,日經指數在收盤時漲幅超過 2.5 %。不過,香港恆生指數下挫將近 4.5 %。

  •   The major U.S. stock indexes soared more than four percent on Thursday, as investors cheered falling oil prices and evidence of a thaw in credit markets.
  • 美國主要股指星期四猛漲 4 %以上,石油價格下降以及信貸市場鬆動的跡象令投資者歡欣鼓舞。


  • (2008-10-17)------

  • Up to 7,000 Toy Workers Left Jobless in China
  • 玩具廠關閉七千中國工人失業
  •   Up to seven-thousand Chinese workers have lost their jobs after the global financial crisis forced two major toy factories in south China out of business.
  • 全球金融危機迫使中國南方的兩家大型玩具工廠倒閉,多達 7 千中國工人失去工作。

  •   Chinese officials said today (Friday) that a major toy maker, Smart Union Group, closed its two factories in Guangdong province this week.
  • 中國官員星期五說,香港的合俊集團本星期關閉了兩家在廣東省的工廠。

  •   The company had supplied toy traders worldwide, including the U.S.-based Mattel.
  • 合俊集團向全世界玩具商提供玩具,包括總部設在美國的玩具商美泰公司。

  •   Hundreds of workers rallied outside the factory in the city of Dongguan to protest the decision and demand unpaid wages.
  • 東莞玩具工廠外有數百名工人集會,抗議關閉工廠的決定並要求支付拖欠工資。

  •   China's state-run news agency Xinhua quoted a worker as saying the plant closed abruptly on Wednesday, without any warning to the workers.
  • 中國國營的新華社援引一名工人的話說,工廠星期三突然關閉,事先沒有向工人發出任何警告。


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