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十月份 第 13 課

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  • (2009-10-19)------

  • Chinese Ship Hijacked in Indian Ocean
  • 中國船隻在印度洋被劫持
  •   The European Union says a Chinese cargo ship has been hijacked in the western Indian Ocean.
  • 歐盟說,一艘中國貨船在印度洋西部被劫持。

  •   The EU's anti-piracy mission says the bulk carrier was seized Monday about 1,000 kilometers northeast of the Seychelles islands, and 1,300 kilometers east of Somalia.
  • 歐盟執行打擊海盜任務的部隊說,這艘散裝貨船星期一在塞席爾群島東北 1000 公里、索馬利亞以東 1300 公里處被劫持。

  •   The mission has sent an aircraft from Seychelles to investigate the situation.
  • 該部隊已從塞席爾派飛機展開調查。

  •   This is potentially the third ship hijacked by Somali pirates this month, after a period of unsuccessful attacks.
  • 這很可能是本月索馬利亞海盜劫持的第三艘船隻,之前海盜有一段時間企圖襲擊但沒有成功。

  •   Pirates have demanded a $4 million ransom for a Spanish fishing boat with 36 crew members they seized October 2.
  • 海盜在 10 月 2 日劫持了一艘載有 36 名船員的西班牙漁船,要求 400 萬美元的贖金。


  • (2009-10-19)------

  • South Korea 'Worried' by North's Uranium Program
  • 南韓“擔憂”北韓濃縮鈾計劃
  •   South Korea is calling North Korea's uranium enrichment program "worrisome."
  • 南韓稱北韓的鈾濃縮計劃“令人擔憂”。

  •   Foreign Minister Yu Myung-hwan said in Seoul Monday the United Nations might discuss how to handle the uranium issue. He did not elaborate.
  • 南韓外交部長柳明桓星期一在首爾說,聯合國可能會討論如何處理北韓的鈾問題,但他並沒有多做說明。

  •   North Korea announced last month it has entered the final stage of enriching uranium. That would give Pyongyang a second way to make nuclear bombs, in addition to its plutonium-based program.
  • 北韓上個月宣佈,其鈾加工已經進入最後階段,這將為北韓提供除了以鈽為基礎製造核子彈之外第二種製造核武器的方法。

  •   North Korea has signaled it is ready to return to international talks on its nuclear weapons program, if it gets to talk one-on-one with the United States.
  • 北韓先前已經表示,如果能和美國進行一對一會談,北韓就準備重回有關其核武計劃的國際談判。

  •   South Korea's foreign minister expressed skepticism about North Korea's motives.
  • 南韓外交部長對於北韓的動機抱持懷疑的態度。

  •   He said there are no real grounds to believe the softening stance indicates a fundamental change in Pyongyang's position.
  • 他說,沒有任何實質理由讓人相信北韓姿態放軟代表北韓的立場出現根本性的改變。

  •   The U.S. and South Korean defense chiefs will discuss Pyongyang's nuclear threat in Seoul Thursday.
  • 美國和南韓的國防部長星期四將在首爾討論北韓的核威脅。


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