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十月份 第 19 課

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  • (2009-10-27)------

  • Bombs Kill 8 US Soldiers, 1 Afghan Civilian in Afghanistan
  • 阿富汗炸彈襲擊 8 美軍 1 平民喪生
  •   NATO says eight U.S. service members and an Afghan civilian working for the force were killed Tuesday in bombs attacks in southern Afghanistan.
  • 北約說,阿富汗南部星期二發生炸彈襲擊事件,八名美國士兵和一名阿富汗平民喪生。

  •   The international force says several troops were also wounded. It gave no further details.
  • 國際部隊說,還有幾名士兵受傷。國際部隊沒有提供更多細節。

  •   The deaths came just a day after 11 U.S. troops and three U.S. drug agents were killed in separate helicopter crashes in Afghanistan.
  • 在這起致命的襲擊事件發生的一天前,阿富汗發生了兩起直升機墜毀事件,造成 11 名美軍士兵和 3 名美國緝毒特工喪生。

  •   In Luxembourg Tuesday, European Union foreign ministers pledged to increase aid to Afghanistan and overhaul their civilian aid strategy in the country.
  • 另外,在盧森堡召開的歐盟外長會議承諾要增加對阿富汗的援助,並修改對阿富汗的平民援助戰略。

  •   The EU is pouring about $1.5 billion a year in civilian aid into Afghanistan.
  • 歐盟目前每年向阿富汗提供 15 億美元的民用援助。

  •   The ministers did not say how much that would increase.
  • 外長們沒有說援助資金將增加多少。

  •   A document from their meeting said the situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating.
  • 外長會議的一份文件說阿富汗的局勢正在惡化。

  •   It said progress on political reform, governance and state-building is too slow and, in some areas, non-existent.
  • 文件說,阿富汗的政治改革,管理和國家建設等方面進程過於緩慢,有些領域毫無進展。


  • (2009-10-27)------

  • Prosecution Opens Case Against Karadzic
  • 卡拉季奇拒絕出庭法官威脅要指派律師代表
  •   War crimes prosecutors have launched their long-awaited case against Radovan Karadzic, as the former Bosnian Serb wartime leader boycotted his trial Tuesday for a second straight day.
  • 波斯尼亞塞族的戰時領導人卡拉季奇的戰爭罪審判星期二在海牙的國際刑事法院繼續開庭。

  •   Karadzic is conducting his own defense and is refusing to attend the trial in the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia at the Hague, saying he needs more time to prepare his defense.
  • 卡拉季奇連續第二天抵制法庭;他堅稱需要更多的時間來準備為自己辯護。

  •   The tribunal has rejected those demands, and chief Judge O-Gon Kwon said Tuesday he will consider naming a lawyer to represent the defendant if he continues the boycott.
  • 法庭拒絕了他的要求;首席法官星期二說,如果卡拉季奇繼續抵制的話,他將考慮任命一名律師來代表被告。

  •   Prosecutors accuse Karadzic of orchestrating the 1995 massacre of up to eight thousand Muslim men and boys near Srebrenica.
  • 檢察官指控卡拉季奇策劃了 1995 年的斯雷佈雷尼察大屠殺,殺害了八千回教徒男子和男孩。

  •   In all, the 64-year-old defendant faces 11 charges of genocide and crimes against humanity.
  • 這位 64 歲的被告面臨 11 項反人類和種族滅絕罪的指控。

  •   Serbian police arrested Karadzic last year after he spent 12 years on the run as one of the world's most wanted fugitives.
  • 塞爾維亞警察去年逮捕了卡拉季奇,之前他做為世界首要通緝犯之一逃亡躲藏了 12 年。


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