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一月份 第 02 課

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  • (2014-01-02) ------

  • Helicopter Rescue Begins for Stranded Antarctic Ship
  • 中國直升機開始撤離俄羅斯科考船乘客
  •   Dozens of passengers aboard a Russian research ship stuck for over a week in Antarctic ice are being evacuated Thursday, after a rescue helicopter finally was able to land nearby.
  • 一艘俄羅斯科學考察船上的數十名乘客星期四開始撤離,此前一架擔任營救任務的直升機終於得以在附近冰面降落;這艘科考船被困超過一星期。

  •   Video posted on Twitter by Chris Turney, one of the scientists on the ship, showed a Chinese helicopter carrying passengers from the Akademik Shokalskiy, which has been stranded since Christmas Eve.
  • 俄羅斯科考船上的科學家圖爾尼放在推特上的錄影畫面顯示,一架中國直升機正在搭載 “紹卡利斯基院士號” 的乘客;自聖誕夜以來,這艘科考船一直困在南極的浮冰中。

  •   Fifty-two passengers - including scientists, tourists, and journalists - are waiting to board the helicopter, 12 at a time.
  • 包括科學家、旅遊者和記者在內的 52 名乘客等待登上這架直升機,每批 12人。

  •   They will be carried to an Australian icebreaker ship, which they will then take on a weeks-long journey to land.
  • 他們將被送上一艘澳大利亞破冰船,航行數星期後才能登陸。

  •   Blizzard conditions hampered previous attempts to evacuate the passengers by helicopter. Icebreaker ships from China, Australia, and France had also failed to reach the Russian vessel.
  • 此前直升機撤離乘客的行動因暴風雪天氣而受阻;來自中國、澳大利亞和法國的破冰船都未能接近 “紹卡利斯基院士號”。


  • (2014-01-02) ------

  • Musharraf, En Route to Trial, Rushed to Hospital
  • 穆沙拉伕前往法院途中突發心臟病入院
  •   Former Pakistani leader Pervez Musharraf has been rushed to the hospital on his way to court, the third time he has missed a court appearance in his treason trial.
  • 前巴基斯坦總統穆沙拉伕在前去法院的途中被緊急送往醫院,這是他第三次未能按時出庭接受叛國罪審判。

  •   Police official Jan Mohammad told the court Thursday that Mr. Musharraf suffered a heart problem while being transported to his trial.
  • 警官莫哈默德星期四對法庭說,穆沙拉伕在被送往法院途中突發心臟病。

  •   He was taken to the Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology in nearby Rawalpindi.
  • 他(穆沙拉伕) 被送到附近城市拉瓦爾品第的一家軍隊心臟病醫院。

  •   Mr. Musharraf has previously missed court dates -- on Wednesday and on December 24 -- because of explosives found on his route from home to the court in Islamabad.
  • 去年 12 月 24 日和星期三,在穆沙拉伕的家通往伊斯蘭堡法院的路上發現爆炸裝置,因此穆沙拉伕未能按時出庭受審。

  •   Earlier Thursday, one of Mr. Musharraf's lawyers walked out of court, complaining of harassment by the government.
  • 星期四早些時候,穆沙拉伕的律師曼蘇爾走出法院,聲稱受到政府的騷擾。

  •   Attorney Anwar Mansoor said he had been unable to sleep because of disturbances outside his home. Another Musharraf lawyer complained that he had been threatened.
  • 律師曼蘇爾說,由於他家外面很亂,使他無法入睡;穆沙拉伕的另一位律師也抱怨說,他曾受到威脅。

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