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五月份 第 14 課

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  • (2013-05-20) ------

  • Chinese Premier in India, Discusses Borders, Trade
  • 中印總理討論邊界貿易問題
  •   Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his visiting Chinese counterpart have agreed to resolve a border dispute and other tensions, as Premier Li Keqiang continues his first trip abroad since taking office.
  • 印度總理辛格與到訪的中國總理李克強在解決邊界糾紛和其他緊張關係方面達成一致,這是李克強總理任職以來首次出訪國外。

  •   Mr. Singh and Mr. Li met Monday in New Delhi to discuss a range of issues, including the longstanding border dispute in the western Himalayas and a trade imbalance that heavily favors China.
  • 辛格與李克強星期一在新德里討論了包括喜馬拉雅山西部長期的邊界糾紛以及雙邊貿易中有利於中國的貿易失衡等問題。

  •   At a joint news conference, Mr. Li said the two nations have far more shared interests than differences.
  • 在聯合新聞發佈會上,李克強說,兩國的共同利益遠遠超過彼此間的分歧。

  •   Mr. Singh said both sides must work to strengthen trust and confidence in order to permit greater cooperation.
  • 辛格表示,雙方必須合作,加強互信,爭取實現更多的合作。

  •   The two leaders signed eight minor agreements, but both men said the meeting's symbolism was important.
  • 兩位領導人簽署了 8 個不太重要的協議,但是他們都表示,這次會晤的象徵意義很重要。

  •   There was tight security in the Indian capital, as Tibetan activists and opposition supporters held protests in the city.
  • 西藏活動人士和反對派支援者在新德里舉行抗議活動,印度首都戒備森嚴。

  •   The three-day visit came less than two weeks after the peaceful end of a tense military standoff over tens of thousands of square kilometers in the disputed Ladakh region.
  • 就在李克強總理為期三天的訪印之行開始之際,兩國剛剛在一個多星期前和平結束涉及有爭議的拉達克地區數千平方公里土地的邊界糾紛。

  •   China and India have never finalized their border there, and tensions subsided only when the two sides restored the status quo.
  • 中國和印度從來沒有最後劃定那裏的邊界線,雙方恢復了邊境現狀之後,緊張才得以緩和。


  • (2013-05-20) ------

  • Burmese President to Visit White House
  • 緬甸總統吳登盛週一將造訪白宮
  •   Burmese President Thein Sein on Monday will become the first leader of his country to visit the White House in nearly half a century.
  • 緬甸總統吳登盛星期一將成為近半個世紀以來第一位造訪白宮的緬甸領導人。

  •   The former general will meet with President Barack Obama during a visit human rights organizations and some politicians say is premature because of anti-Muslim violence and continuing rights violations in Burma.
  • 吳登盛曾是一位將軍,他在訪美期間將會晤歐巴馬總統;人權組織和一些政界人士說,緬甸目前存在針對回教徒的暴力以及繼續侵犯人權現象,因此這次訪問的時機並不成熟。

  •   Officials say the two countries are expected to use the visit to work out agreements that could lead to regular talks on boosting trade, labor standards and investment.
  • 有關官員說,預計美國和緬甸將利用這次訪問達成一些協議,而這些協議可能推動雙方在促進貿易、制定勞工標準以及投資等領域的定期會談。

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