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二月份 第 09 課

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  • (2014-02-13) ------

  • Despite NKorea Demands, Seoul Says War Drills Will Go On
  • 儘管朝鮮反對,南韓表示軍演照常
  •   South Korea is refusing to delay joint military drills with the United States, as requested by North Korea during high-level talks this week.
  • 南韓拒絕推遲與美國聯合舉行的軍事演習,朝鮮本星期在一次高層會談中提出這一要求。

  •   The annual war games are set to begin later this month, around the same time as planned reunions between families separated by the Korean War.
  • 美韓年度軍演定於本月晚些時候舉行,計劃中的韓戰離散家庭團聚也在同一時間。

  •   Defense Ministry spokesman Kim Min-seok said the North's threat to call off the reunions because of the exercises was inappropriate.
  • 南韓國防部發言人金抿宿說,朝鮮以軍演為由威脅取消團聚計劃,這種做法是不適當的。

  •   The two sides Wednesday held their highest-level talks in seven years. Seoul says Pyongyang demanded a two-day delay in the drills.
  • 南韓和朝鮮星期三舉行了數年來最高層次的會談;首爾表示,平壤要求把軍演推遲兩天。

  •   The North has for weeks asked for a cancellation or, more recently, a relocation of the drills. It views them as an unacceptable rehearsal for invasion.
  • 幾星期來,朝鮮一直要求取消美韓軍演,後來又要求改變軍演地點;朝鮮將美韓軍演視為不可接受的入侵預演。


  • (2014-02-13) ------

  • Massive Winter Storm Reaches Northeastern United States
  • 冬季風暴抵達美國東北部
  •   More than 300,000 people across the southeastern United States are without power after deadly and unusual winter storm that coated the region with ice and snow Wednesday as it made its way to the mid-Atlantic and northeastern parts of the nation.
  • 美國東南部地區星期三被冰雪覆蓋;反常的冬季風暴在向大西洋沿岸中部地區和東北部移動期間,在東南部地區造成人員死亡,並使 30 多萬人失去電力。

  •   In the neighboring states of North and South Carolina, the storm made roads and major highways impassible, forcing many drivers to abandon their vehicles.
  • 在相鄰的北卡羅萊納州和南卡羅萊納州,風暴使大小公路無法通行,很多駕車人被迫棄車而去。

  •   Forecasters said the Carolinas were expected to receive over 20 centimeters of ice and snow through Thursday morning.
  • 天氣預報說,南北卡羅萊納到星期四早晨預計會有超過 20 釐米的冰雪。

  •   Thousands of flights in and out of the region have been cancelled, stranding scores of passengers at airports.
  • 出入該地區的數千航班被取消,不少乘客困在機場。

  •   The storm is expected to dump more than 30 centimeters of snow across the Washington, D.C. region Thursday.
  • 預計這場風暴將給首都華盛頓各地帶來超過 30 釐米的降雪。

  •   The federal government is closed, along with dozens of local government offices and school districts.
  • 聯邦政府關閉,幾十個地方政府機構和學區也被迫關門。

  •   At least a dozens deaths in the southeastern U.S. have been blamed on the storm, including three people killed when an ambulance skidded off an icy road in Texas.
  • 在美國東南部地區,至少有十餘人的死亡據信與冬季風暴有關,其中有三人因一輛救護車在德州一段結冰的路上滑出路面而喪生。

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