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二月份 第 19 課

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  • (2014-02-27) ------

  • Ukraine Warns Russian Fleet Against "Military Aggression"
  • 烏克蘭警告俄羅斯艦隊不要發動軍事入侵
  •   Ukraine's acting president has warned the Russian navy in Crimea not to leave its post, after gunmen seized government buildings in the regional capital.
  • 烏克蘭臨時總統圖爾奇諾夫警告克里米亞的俄羅斯軍艦不要駛離所在地點,此前武裝份子佔領了克里米亞首都的政府所在地。

  •   Oleksandr Turchnyov said Thursday that any movement of Russian troops will be considered "military aggression."
  • 圖爾奇諾夫星期四說,俄羅斯軍隊的任何調動都將為視為 “軍事入侵”。

  •   Russia's Black Sea fleet is based in the Crimean city of Sevastpol.
  • 俄羅斯黑海艦隊的駐地是克里米亞城市塞瓦斯托波爾。

  •   Earlier Thursday, Ukraine's acting interior minister Arsen Avakov said police are on high alert after the local government and legislature buildings were seized in the capital, Simferopol, by armed men in the pro-Russia region.
  • 烏克蘭代理內務部長阿瓦科夫星期四早些時候說,親俄羅斯的克里米亞地區的政府和立法部門被武裝人員佔領後,警察部隊進入高度戒備狀態。

  •   Reports say the the Russian flag was raised over the buildings, and Avakov said the occupied buildings have been sealed off by police.
  • 來自克里米亞首府的報導說,政府大廈升起俄羅斯國旗;阿瓦科夫說,警察封鎖了被佔領的政府機構。

  •   The area has been the scene of confrontations between supporters of Ukraine's new government and pro-Russia activists.
  • 在克里米亞,烏克蘭新政府的支援者和親俄羅斯的活動人士之間爆發衝突。

  •   The region is mainly made up of Russian speakers who support Moscow but is also home to minority Muslim Tatars who are generally anti-Russia.
  • 克里米亞的大多數居民說俄語,他們支援莫斯科,但當地佔人口少數的韃靼族穆斯林一般持反俄羅斯立場。

  •   On Wednesday, Ukrainian interim leaders named popular opposition figure Arseniy Yatsenyuk as the country's new prime minister. Parliament is expected to consider his name later Thursday.
  • 星期三,烏克蘭臨時領導人提名反對派領袖亞採紐克擔任新總理;預計烏克蘭議會將在星期四晚些時候審議這一提名。


  • (2014-02-27) ------

  • South Korean Missionary 'Confesses' to Spying in Pyongyang
  • 南韓基督教傳教士金庭旭 “承認” 在朝鮮從事間諜活動
  •   A South Korean Christian missionary confessed Thursday to trying to overthrow the North Korean government at the behest of Seoul.
  • 南韓基督教傳教士金庭旭星期四承認依照首爾的指示,企圖推翻朝鮮政府。

  •   Kim Jung Wook is at least the third Christian evangelist being detained by North Korea, which views unauthorized religious workers as spies.
  • 金庭旭是遭到朝鮮當局拘押的至少第三名基督教福音傳教士,朝鮮當局把未經授權的宗教工作者視為間諜。

  •   His comments came during a news conference in Pyongyang, where he said he was arrested in October with Bibles and other religious material.
  • 金庭旭是在平壤舉行的一次記者會上做出上述表示的;他說,去年 10 月被逮捕時,他身上帶有聖經和其他宗教材料。

  •   South Korea has not commented on the case. But Kim's accusations were in question, as North Korea often requires foreign detainees to read confessions to improve their chances of being freed.
  • 南韓沒有對這一事件發表評論;但針對金庭旭的指控存在疑問,因為朝鮮當局經常要求被拘押的外國人宣讀供詞來增加自己獲釋的機會。

  •   Pyongyang said in November it had arrested what it called a South Korean spy.
  • 平壤去年 11 月說,逮捕了一名南韓間諜。

  •   Seoul then denied the charges. Only later did it become clear the detainee was the 50-year-old Baptist missionary.
  • 首爾對此予以否認;後來,才知道被拘押的是 50 歲的浸禮會傳教士金庭旭。

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