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二月份 第 18 課

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  • (2014-02-26) ------

  • US Ambassador Slams China on Rights
  • 美國大使就人權批評中國
  •   Outgoing U.S. Ambassador to China Gary Locke used his final speech in office Wednesday to urge Beijing to strengthen its rule of law and provide greater freedom of expression.
  • 即將離任的美國駐中國大使駱家輝星期三以大使身份發表最後一次講話,敦促北京加強法制,提供更多言論自由。

  •   Speaking to a group of Chinese university students in Beijing, Locke said in many cases China would need only to adhere to its existing laws in order to protect fundamental human rights.
  • 駱家輝在北京對中國大學生發表演講時說,在很多情況下,中國只需要依照現行法律來保障基本人權。

  •   The 63-year-old Locke leaves Beijing Saturday. He has served as ambassador since 2011, filling one of America's most complicated diplomatic posts at a time of increased tension with Beijing.
  • 現年 63 歲的駱家輝將於星期六離開北京;他從 2011 年開始擔任駐華大使,這是美國最複雜的外交使命之一,當時美中兩國之間的緊張關係加劇。

  •   Many of Locke's comments Wednesday focused on U.S. concerns over China's intensifying crackdown on those who criticize the Communist Party.
  • 在星期三的演講中,駱家輝多次著重談到美國關注中國當局加緊鎮壓批評中共的人士。

  •   He also urged Beijing to provide "better and more equitable treatment" of foreign journalists, many of whom complain of interference or official retribution as result of their coverage.
  • 駱家輝還敦促北京為外國記者提供更好、更合理的待遇;很多外國記者抱怨說,他們由於自己的報導而受到干預或官方的報復。

  •   China has not responded to the comments, but usually dismisses such concerns as inappropriate interference in its internal affairs and says Washington should not be pushing its so-called Western style of governance on other countries.
  • 中國沒有對這些評論做出反應,但通常都將這類評論視為不正當地干涉中國內政,並聲稱華盛頓不應把所謂的 “西方管理模式” 強加給其他國家。


  • (2014-02-26) ------

  • Hong Kong Editor Stabbed; in Critical Condition
  • 香港一位總編被砍成重傷
  •   A former newspaper editor in Hong Kong, whose recent removal prompted anti-Beijing protests, is fighting for his life after being stabbed by unknown attackers.
  • 香港明報前總編劉進圖被身份不明的襲擊者砍成重傷;他最近被報社免職一事,引發反對北京的抗議。

  •   Hong Kong police say Kevin Lau was walking to his car early Wednesday in the Sai Wan Ho neighborhood when he was attacked by assailants who escaped on a motorcycle. He is in critical condition.
  • 香港警方說,劉進圖星期三淩晨在西灣河地區走向自己的汽車時遭到襲擊,襲擊者駕駛一輛摩托車逃逸;劉進圖目前傷勢嚴重。

  •   Lau was fired last month as the editor of the Ming Pao newspaper, which is known for its investigative journalism and hard-hitting coverage of Chinese politics. He was replaced by a pro-Beijing editor.
  • 劉進圖上月被免去明報總編職務,該報以探索真相和直言報導北京政治而著稱;一名親北京人士接任明報總編。

  •   The removal, along with several similar cases, have raised fresh concerns over deteriorating press freedom and mainland China's rising influence in the semi-autonomous territory.
  • 劉進圖被免職以及其他幾個類似事件,使得民眾擔憂香港的新聞自由不斷削弱以及大陸的影響力不斷增大。

  •   The Hong Kong Journalists Association condemned the attack on Lau "in the strongest terms" and urged authorities to bring the attackers to justice "as quickly as possible to allay public fears."
  • 香港記者協會以最強烈的措辭譴責對劉進圖的襲擊,並敦促當局儘快將襲擊者繩之以法,以減輕人們的恐懼。

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