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三月份 第 16 課

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  • (2009-03-23) ------

  • South Africa: Dalai Lama Would Detract From World Cup
  • 南非:達賴喇嘛將影響對世界盃注意力
  •   South Africa says China played no role in its decision to bar Tibet's spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, from attending a peace conference this week in Johannesburg.
  • 南非說,在決定不準西藏精神領袖達賴喇嘛出席本星期在約翰內斯堡舉行的一個和平會議的過程中,中國沒有扮演任何角色。

  •   Activists for Tibet say China, which is one of South Africa's major trading partners, pressured the government into denying a visa to the Dalai Lama.
  • 為西藏爭取權益的活動人士說,作為南非的重要貿易夥伴,中國向南非政府施加壓力,要其拒絕向達賴喇嘛發放簽證。

  •   A spokesman for South African President Kgalema Motlanthe told reporters Monday that South Africa makes its own decisions.
  • 南非總統莫特蘭蒂的發言人星期一對記者說,南非自行做出自己的決定。

  •   But he added that a visit from the Tibetan spiritual leader at this time would not be in the country's best interests.
  • 但他補充說,達賴喇嘛此時來訪將不符合南非的最佳利益。

  •   The spokesman (Thabo Masebe) said the visit would distract attention from South Africa hosting next year's (football/soccer) World Cup.
  • 這位發言人表示,達賴喇嘛的訪問將轉移對南非明年主辦足球世界盃比賽的注意力。

  •   The peace conference was scheduled to bring together four Nobel Peace Prize winners to discuss how sporting events can promote racial and ethnic harmony.
  • 按照預定安排,這次和平會議將請 4 位諾貝爾和平獎得主聚在一起,討論如何使體育賽事促進民族和種族和諧。


  • (2009-03-23) ------

  • Ceiling Collapse at Chinese Chemical Plant Kills 11
  • 中國化工廠屋頂塌陷導致 11 人喪生
  •   The ceiling at a chemical storage plant in southwestern China has collapsed, killing 11 workers and leaving one missing.
  • 中國西南地區一家化工廠的一處屋頂垮塌,造成 11 名工人死亡,一人失蹤。

  •   Chinese state-run news media say the accident occurred Monday at the Jianfang chemical factory in the city of Chongqing.
  • 中國官方媒體說,星期一的這起事故發生在重慶市的建方化工廠。

  •   News reports say the storage facility was still under construction.
  • 報導說,這家工廠的這個儲存設施還在修建中。

  •   The reports say rescuers recovered 11 bodies.
  • 報導說,救援人員找到了 11 具遺體。

  •   Local officials were quoted as saying one worker remains missing and could be buried under the rubble.
  • 報導援引當地官員的話說,一名工人下落不明,可能埋在瓦礫下面。

  •   The Chinese government is routinely criticized for poor safety standards, especially in the construction and mining industries.
  • 中國政府經常由於不合格的安全標準受到批評,特別是在建築業和採礦業。


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