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三月份 第 16 課

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  • (2012-03-22) ------

  • Former WH Defense Aide Says N Korean Satellite Launch Violates Agreement
  • 前白宮助理稱朝鮮衛星發射違反協議
  •   A former senior White House aide on Asia policy says North Korea's recently announced plan to launch a satellite into orbit would violate an agreement with the U.S. on the suspension of ballistic missile testing.
  • 前美國國家安全委員會亞洲事務主任維克多‧查說,朝鮮最近宣佈的將衛星發射進入軌道的計劃將違反與美國達成的暫停彈道導彈試驗的協議。

  •   Victor Cha, the former director of the National Security Council for Asian Affairs, says when Pyongyang agreed last month to suspend missile tests, that "clearly" included a moratorium on satellite launches, as well.
  • 維克多‧查說,朝鮮政府上個月同意中止導彈試驗時,這項協議 “明顯” 也包括了暫停衛星發射。

  •   Cha said North Korea was the only country that makes a distinction between satellite launches and ballistic missile tests, calling the announcement a "slap in the face" to the international community.
  • 維克多‧查說,朝鮮是唯一一個把衛星發射和彈道導彈試驗區分開的國家,他稱朝鮮的宣佈是對國際社會的侮辱。

  •   North Korea said on Friday it would launch a satellite into orbit in mid-April for "peaceful scientific purposes."
  • 朝鮮星期五說,將在四月中旬 “為了和平的科學目的” 將一枚衛星發射進入軌道。

  •   It says the launch does not violate the agreement with the United States.
  • 朝鮮說,衛星發射沒有違反與美國的協議。

  •   Last month, North Korea agreed to suspend uranium enrichmen, and allow the return of United Nations weapons inspectors and stop long-range missile tests.
  • 朝鮮上個月同意中止鈾濃縮,允許聯合國武器檢查員返回朝鮮,並停止遠程導彈試驗。

  •   At the same time, the United States agreed to send North Korea desperately needed food aid.
  • 與此同時,美國同意向朝鮮運送該國急需的食品援助。


  • (2012-03-22) ------

  • Burma, UN Hold Discussions on New Media Laws
  • 緬甸與聯合國共同討論新媒體法
  •   In conjunction with the Burmese government, the United Nations' cultural agency staged the first meeting of a workshop examining the Burmese government's relationship with the media.
  • 聯合國文化機構與緬甸政府共同召集了審查緬甸政府與媒體關係的研討會的首次會議。

  •   In Rangoon, the joint workshop held by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) and officials with Burma's Ministry of Information began with two days of discussions on proposed laws overseeing the press, publishing and printing.
  • 在仰光,聯合國教科文組織和緬甸信息部官員主持的聯合研討會開始了為期兩天的討論,主題是涉及新聞、出版、印刷的法律草案。

  •   The draft law covering video broadcasting was later discussed in the capital, Naypyitaw.
  • 有關錄像播放的法律草案晚些時候在緬甸首都內比都進行了討論。

  •   The main elements of the proposed laws include establishing an independent press council and broadcast council and a framework for new online media.
  • 這些法律草案的要點包括成立獨立的新聞委員會、廣播委員會以及一個為新網絡媒體設置的框架。

  •   UNESCO says discussions focused on respecting international standards of freedom of expression as set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • 聯合國教科文組織說,討論的焦點是尊重聯合國人權宣言中提出的國際社會的言論自由標準。

  •   Bambang Harymutri, an Indonesian media expert who facilitated the workshops for UNESCO, says Burma has the advantage of learning from the mistakes other nations have made in the field of media law and development.
  • 一位印尼媒體專家(Bambang Harymutri) 說,緬甸的優勢在於可以從其他國家在制定媒體法律及其發展過程中所犯錯誤中吸取經驗教訓。

  •   The new media laws are part of the efforts at democratic reforms undertaken by Burma's new military-backed government since replacing the long-standing military junta last year.
  • 由軍方支持的緬甸新政府自從去年取代長期執政的軍政府以來,在實行民主改革方面做出了努力,制定新媒體法是其組成部份。

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