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三月份 第 16 課

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  • (2013-03-22) ------

  • Obama Winds Down Visit to Israel, West Bank
  • 歐巴馬結束對以色列和約旦河西岸的訪問
  •   U.S. President Barack Obama is winding down a visit to Israel and the West Bank that has included talks with Israeli and Palestinian leaders and calls for the two sides to resume peace efforts.
  • 美國總統歐巴馬即將結束對以色列和約旦河西岸的訪問,他在訪問期間與以色列和巴勒斯坦領導人舉行了會談,並敦促以巴雙方恢復和平努力。

  •   Mr. Obama on Friday called for tolerance against others in a visit to Israel's Holocaust memorial.
  • 歐巴馬星期五在參觀以色列的大屠殺紀念館時發表講話,呼籲人們相互容忍。

  •   Mr. Obama and Mr. Netanyahu are expected to have one more meeting before Mr. Obama departs for Jordan.
  • 歐巴馬在前往約旦之前將和以色列總理內塔尼亞胡再次會晤。

  •   The two men are likely to discuss Mr. Obama's Thursday speech in Jerusalem, where he said peace with the Palestinians is the "only path to true security."
  • 他們倆人可能討論歐巴馬星期四在耶路撒冷發表的講演;歐巴馬在講演中說,同巴勒斯坦實現和平是 “實現真正安全的唯一途徑”。

  •   Mr. Obama said Israeli leaders must recognize that "continued settlement activity" on land the Palestinians claim for a state is "counterproductive."
  • 歐巴馬說,以色列領導人必須理解,繼續在巴勒斯坦人宣稱建國的土地上興建定居點會引起 “反作用”。

  •   Mr. Obama also said he believes Israel has a genuine peace partner in Palestinian President Abbas.
  • 歐巴馬還表示,他相信巴勒斯坦權力機構主席阿巴斯是以色列的真正和平夥伴。


  • (2013-03-22) ------

  • Renewed Buddhist-Muslim Clashes in Burma At Least 20 Dead
  • 緬甸佛教徒與回教徒衝突 至少 20 人喪生
  •   A third day of deadly Buddhist-Muslim violence has broken out in central Burma, as a leading rights group warned of spreading ethnic tension.
  • 緬甸中部地區佛教徒和回教徒接連第三天發生致命暴力衝突,一個主要人權組織警告說,種族間的緊張局勢正在蔓延。

  •   Witnesses reported charred bodies lying in the streets Friday, and say flames continue to pour from several buildings, including mosques, in the town of Meikhtila.
  • 目擊者說,星期五街道上有燒焦的屍體,並說幾個建築仍在冒出火苗,包括密鐵拉鎮的幾座清真寺。

  •   Local lawmakers say at least 20 people have been killed in the clashes, which began Wednesday following an argument between a customer and the Muslim owner of a gold shop.
  • 當地立法官員說,至少 20 人在衝突中被打死;星期三,一家金店的一名顧客與回教徒店主發生爭執,隨後引發了衝突。

  •   Authorities have imposed a nighttime curfew and many residents say they are afraid to leave their homes, leaving the city largely deserted except for angry mobs roaming the streets.
  • 有關當局已經實行了宵禁;很多居民說,他們不敢離家外出,密鐵拉鎮上基本沒有行人,街頭上只有憤怒的暴民在遊蕩。

  •   The United States and United Nations have called for an end to the violence, Burma's worst sectarian unrest since last year's clashes between Buddhists and ethnic Rohingya Muslims in western Rakhine state.
  • 美國和聯合國敦促停止這場暴力;自從去年緬甸西部若開邦的佛教徒和羅興亞族回教徒爆發衝突後,這是緬甸最嚴重的教派騷亂。

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