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三月份 第 08 課

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  • (2013-03-12) ------

  • US Warns China on Cyber Security
  • 美國就網路絡安全問題向中國提出警告
  •   A senior White House official is calling on China to take "serious steps" to stop cybercrimes, saying the issue is a "growing challenge" to U.S.-China relations.
  • 美國白宮一名高級官員呼籲中國認真採取措施停止網路入侵,並說這是美中關係中越來越大的挑戰。

  •   National Security Advisor Tom Donilon on Monday called on China to acknowledge the scope of the problem and engage in talks with the U.S. on acceptable behavior in cyberspace.
  • 白宮安全顧問多尼倫星期一說,中國當局必須認識到問題的嚴重性,並與美國就可接受的網路行為舉行談判。

  •   Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said Tuesday that Beijing was open to talks, but insisted that China is a victim, not perpetrator of computer crimes.
  • 中國外交部發言人華春瑩星期二表示,北京可以就這個問題與美國會談,但是她堅持認為中國是網路入侵的受害者,而不是網路犯罪人。

  •   Several large U.S. technology companies, including Apple, Facebook, and Twitter, were hacked earlier this year.
  • 美國一些大型科技公司,如蘋果公司、臉書和推特等,今年早些時候都遭到駭客的入侵。

  •   The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post newspapers also say they were attacked by China-based hackers.
  • 紐約時報、華爾街日報和華盛頓郵報也都表示受到源自中國駭客的入侵。

  •   In a speech Monday to the Asia Society in New York, Donilon said Chinese hacking attempts represent not only a national security concern, but also an economic one.
  • 白宮安全顧問多尼倫星期一在紐約對亞洲協會表示,中國對美國網路的入侵不僅是國家安全問題,也是一個經濟問題。

  •   He said U.S. businesses are increasingly concerned about "sophisticated, targeted theft of confidential business information."
  • 他說,美國企業對使用高科技有目標地竊取商業機密的做法越來越擔心。

  •   The U.S. last month unveiled a new strategy to counter hackers and cyber spies, including the use of fines and trade actions against those targeting trade secrets.
  • 美國上個月公佈了反擊駭客和網路間諜的新戰略,其中包括對那些盜取貿易機密的人或機構進行罰款並採取貿易行動。

  •   Some U.S. lawmakers estimate that American companies lost more than $300 billion last year to trade secret theft, much of it to due to hacking by Chinese cyber spies.
  • 一些美國國會議員估計,去年網上商業機密的盜竊給美國公司造成 3 千億美元的損失,其中大部份是源自中國的網路間諜的入侵。


  • (2013-03-12) ------

  • N.Korea Threatens to Turn S.Korean Island into ”Sea of Flames”
  • 朝鮮威脅要讓韓國一島嶼陷入火海
  •   North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has threatened to attack a South Korean border island in response to Seoul and Washington's ongoing annual military exercises.
  • 朝鮮領導人金正恩威脅要攻擊韓國邊界的一個島嶼,做為對美韓正在進行的年度軍演的回應。

  •   Mr. Kim was quoted in state media Tuesday as telling front-line troops to prepare to destroy "enemy targets" on Baengnyeong island, near the site of a deadly North Korean attack in 2010.
  • 朝鮮官方媒體星期二報導說,金正恩命令邊防前線部隊做好戰鬥準備,摧毀白翎島上的敵人目標;2010 年,朝鮮在白翎島附近發動過致命襲擊。

  •   It is the latest in a series of dramatic threats by North Korea following last week's U.N. sanctions over its latest nuclear test.
  • 自從上星期聯合國因核試驗而對朝鮮實施制裁以來,朝鮮發出了一系列嚴厲威脅;這是最新的一次。

  •   Seoul's Defense Ministry spokesperson Kim Min-seok on Tuesday said there is no evidence of an impending attack or weapons test by North Korea, which he said is just trying to put "psychological pressure" on the South.
  • 韓國國防部發言人金岷奭星期二說,目前還沒有關於朝鮮準備進攻或者進行武器試驗的任何跡象;他說,朝鮮只是試圖對韓國施加心理壓力。

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