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三月份 第 12 課

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  • (2013-03-18) ------

  • Canadian Prisoners Break Out in Helicopter Escape
  • 加拿大兩名囚犯乘直升機越獄後被抓獲
  •   Canadian authorities say two Quebec prison inmates who made a daring broad daylight escape, climbing a rope into a hovering helicopter, have been recaptured.
  • 加拿大當局說,魁北克省的兩名監獄犯人公然在白天越獄,從一根繩子爬上一架在監獄上空盤旋的直升機,這兩名越獄者已被抓獲。

  •   Police said early Monday they have detained four people in connection with the escape.
  • 警方星期一清晨說,拘留了與越獄有關的四個人。

  •   Canada's The Globe and Mail newspaper reports the helicopter was hijacked Sunday afternoon from a tour company in Mont-Tremblant by two men posing as tourists.
  • 加拿大環球郵報報道說,偽裝成遊客的兩名男子星期天下午劫持了翠湖度假山莊一家旅遊公司的一架直升機。

  •   Once the helicopter was aloft, the men held a gun on the pilot, ordering him to fly to St. Jerome, 60 kilometers northwest of Montreal where the inmates climbed aboard the aircraft.
  • 直升機起飛後,這兩名男子用手槍脅迫駕駛員飛往位於蒙特利爾西北 60 公里的聖耶魯梅,兩名越獄者在那裏爬進了直升機。

  •   Authorities say one inmate and two accomplices were captured late Sunday, and the other inmate surrendered early Monday after he was surrounded in a building where he had barricaded himself.
  • 有關當局說,一名越獄者和兩名同犯於星期天晚間被抓獲,另一名越獄者被圍困在一座建築裏,隨後於星期一淩晨投降。


  • (2013-03-18) ------

  • Study: Media Budget Woes Changing How Americans Get News
  • 研究報告:媒體預算緊縮改變美國人獲取信息方式
  •   A new study says budget woes that have forced newsrooms across the United States to lay off reporters and spend less on their coverage are sending viewers and readers to emerging online forms of learning about the day's news.
  • 一項新研究結果顯示,美國各地媒體的編輯部由於預算緊縮,不得不解雇記者,削減報導開支,致使越來越多的觀眾和讀者轉而上網獲取每天的信息。

  •   The non-partisan Pew Research Center issued its yearly report on the U.S. news industry Monday, saying nearly a third of people it surveyed stopped going to a particular news source because it no longer offered the information it once did.
  • 沒有黨派色彩的皮尤研究中心星期一發表了有關美國新聞業界狀況的年度報告;報告說,由於傳統媒體不像過去那樣提供信息,將近三分之一的受訪者不再依靠這類信息來源。

  •   The report cites the tangible effects of the cutbacks, with fewer reporters to look deeply into stories, and television news programs showing fewer stories that are shorter in length.
  • 這份報告指出削減開支的明顯後果,包括做深入報導的記者人數減少,電視新聞的時間縮短。

  •   It says cable channels, such as CNN, are airing more interviews and less of the day-to-day live news that once played a much larger role in their coverage.
  • 報告說,美國有線電視新聞網等有線電視頻道現在播放更多的掬訪報導,每天的現場報導減少,而以往這類報導所占的地位重要得多。

  •   On the local level, young people are fleeing television news broadcasts, with viewership among those under age 30 dropping from 42 percent in 2006 to 28 percent last year.
  • 此外,年輕人開始遠離電視新聞,在 30 歲以下的人群中,電視新聞觀眾從 2006 年的 42 % 減少到去年的 28 %。

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