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三月份 第 05 課

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  • (2013-03-07) ------

  • Odinga Running Mate Says Kenya Vote Count "Doctored"
  • 奧廷加競選夥伴說肯尼亞選舉點票遭 “修改”
  •   The running mate of Kenyan presidential candidate Raila Odinga says the vote-counting process from Monday's election "lacks integrity" and should be stopped.
  • 肯尼亞總統選舉候選人奧廷加的競選夥伴說,星期一選舉的點票過程 “不完善”,應該停止。

  •   Kalonzo Musyoka spoke to reporters Thursday in Nairobi, while election officials continued to manually count ballots after a new electronic system broke down.
  • 卡倫佐‧穆斯約卡星期四在內羅畢對記者說了這番話;同時,由於新的電子系統出現故障,選舉官員使用人工繼續點票。

  •   Close to half of the estimated votes were tallied by early Thursday, showing Uhuru Kenyatta leading Prime Minister Odinda by a 53 percent to 42 percent margin.
  • 到星期四早晨,點票工作已經對預計的選票進行了將近一半的清點;清點的結果顯示,肯雅塔的得票以 53 % 比 42 % 領先於他的主要對手奧廷加總理。

  •   Officials say the final results could be released as early as Friday, but they legally have until Monday to finish the count.
  • 選舉官員說,正式選舉結果最早可能在星期五公佈;但是根據法律,點票工作可以最晚在星期一結束。

  •   Despite some problems, international observers have described the vote as transparent and credible.
  • 盡管存在一些問題,國際觀察人士指稱肯尼亞選舉過程是透明和可信的。


  • (2013-03-07) ------

  • UN Set to Approve Tough Sanctions on N. Korea Nuke Program
  • 聯合國將批準對朝鮮核項目實施嚴厲制裁
  •   The U.N. Security Council is set to approve tough new sanctions to punish North Korea for its latest nuclear test, despite warnings from Pyongyang that it will end a 60-year-old ceasefire with South Korea in response.
  • 針對平壤最近進行核試驗,聯合國安理會準備批准對朝鮮實施嚴厲的新制裁,盡管平壤發出警告說,將對此做出回應,廢除已經存在 60 年的朝鮮停戰協定。

  •   Diplomats say the council will vote early Thursday on the U.S.-drafted resolution, which would impose some of the strongest sanctions ever ordered by the United Nations.
  • 外交官們說,聯合國安理會將於星期四就美國起草的一項決議案進行表決,該決議案是聯合國對朝鮮實行一些迄今為止最嚴厲的制裁。

  •   South Korean foreign ministry spokesperson Cho Tai-young says Seoul is satisfied with the draft text, which appears to have the support of all 15 Security Council members.
  • 韓國外交部發言人趙泰永說,首爾對這項決議草案感到滿意;這項決議案看來已經得到安理會所有 15 個成員國的支持。

  •   Ahead of the vote, North Korea has threatened to void the 1953 armistice that ended the Korean war.
  • 在安理會就這項決議案進行表決之前,朝鮮威脅要廢除結束朝鮮戰爭的 1953 年停戰協定。

  •   It has also announced a series of military exercises to compete with drills being held by the U.S. and South Korea.
  • 朝鮮並宣佈舉行一系列軍事演習,與美國和韓國的軍演抗衡。

  •   Reports say Pyongyang has been taking steps to camouflage public transport and broadcast messages from citizens in favor of war.
  • 有報導說,朝鮮目前採取措施,對公共交通系統進行偽裝,並播送本國公民支持開戰的言論。

  •   The South has vowed swift retaliation in the event of any North Korean military action.
  • 韓國誓言如果朝鮮做出任何軍事行動,韓國方面就要採取迅速的報復。

  •   Defense ministry spokesperson says Seoul is closely monitoring the border.
  • 韓國國防部說,首爾當局密切監視邊界情況。

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