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三月份 第 11 課

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  • (2013-03-15) ------

  • China Names Li Keqiang as Premier
  • 中國任命李克強當總理
  •   China's parliament has elected Li Keqiang as premier, as the country's Communist Party nears the final stages of its once-a-decade transition of power.
  • 中國全國人大選舉李克強為總理,中國共產黨十年一度的權力交接程序進入最後階段。

  •   As expected, the National People's Congress on Friday nearly unanimously selected the English-speaking Mr. Li to replace Wen Jiabao.
  • 正如人們預料的那樣,中國全國人大星期五幾乎以全票選舉李克強接替溫家寶的總理職位。

  •   The 57-year-old will be in charge of running China's economy and day-to-day leadership of the government.
  • 現年 57 歲的李克強將掌管中國經濟以及政府的日常領導工作。

  •   The parliament, which reflexively endorses the decisions of the Communist Party, named Xi Jinping as president a day earlier, in a formality that completes his rise to China's top leadership position.
  • 中國全國人大認可中共的決定,一天前任命習近平為國家主席,習近平接掌權力的程序就此完成。

  •   Since attaining the top spots in the party at a congress in November, the two men have vowed to revamp China's economy, reduce pollution and crack down on widespread corruption.
  • 習近平和李克強在去年 11 月的中共代表大會上獲取高位後,誓言促進經濟增長、減少汙染以及打擊廣泛存在的腐敗現象。

  •   They are expected to serve in their positions for the next 10 years.
  • 預計習近平和李克強將在未來 10 年中保持現在的地位。


  • (2013-03-15) ------

  • N.Korea Accuses US of Launching Cyber Attacks
  • 朝鮮指責美國發動網路攻擊
  •   North Korea is accusing the United States of launching cyber attacks against it, after several of Pyongyang's state-controlled websites suffered apparent outages this week.
  • 朝鮮指責美國對其發動網路攻擊,此前平壤政府控制的幾個網站本星期看來出現停運現象。

  •   The official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on Friday blamed the U.S. and its allies for what it called "concentrated and persistent virus attacks" over the past several days.
  • 朝鮮官方的朝中社星期五指責美國及其盟友近日來進行“密集而持續” 的網路攻擊。

  •   Internet users say several state-controlled websites, including KCNA, have been inaccessible for unusually prolonged periods this week.
  • 互聯網用戶說,包括朝中社在內的幾個政府控制的網站本星期不同尋常地長時間不能登陸。

  •   The U.S. has not responded to the accusation.
  • 美國沒有對朝鮮方面的指責做出回應。

  •   The North Korean article offered few details, but attempted to link the alleged cyber attack to a computer-based joint U.S.-South Korean war simulation that began earlier this week.
  • 朝鮮的有關文章幾乎沒有提供任何細節,但試圖將據稱的網路攻擊同美韓兩國本星期早些時候開始的聯合模擬戰演習聯系起來;這一演習是依靠電腦進行的。

  •   Last week, North Korea threatened to wage a "preemptive nuclear attack" on the U.S. if it went ahead with the annual exercise, which proceeded as normal on Monday.
  • 朝鮮上星期威脅說,如果美國與韓國進行年度軍事演習,朝鮮就將對美國發動先發制人的核打擊;美韓聯合軍演於星期一正常啟動。

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