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三月份 第 01 課

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  • (2013-03-01) ------

  • Obama to Talk Budget With Lawmakers
  • 歐巴馬將與國會議員商討預算問題
  •   U.S. President Barack Obama is due to meet at the White House Friday with top Republican and Democratic lawmakers to discuss a last-ditch effort to avoid across-the-board budget cuts scheduled to take effect before the day is over.
  • 美國總統歐巴馬星期五將在白宮會見共和黨和民主黨的國會領導人,商討如何在最後一刻做出努力,避免在今天限期之後全面削減開支計劃自動生效。

  •   The meeting is largely viewed as symbolic, after dueling bills to avoid the cuts were defeated in the Senate Thursday, making $85 billion in automatic spending cuts appear inevitable once the Friday deadline passes.
  • 美國國會參議院星期四否決了旨在避免開支削減的相互競爭的法案,一旦星期五的最後期限過後,850 億美元的開支自動削減計劃看來已經勢在必行,因此歐巴馬與議員們的這次會晤多半被認為屬於象徵性質。

  •   President Obama has said the effects of the cuts on federal agencies - most notably defense, infrastructure spending, public schools and preschool care - will not be felt immediately, but instead will have what he calls a "tumble downward" effect.
  • 歐巴馬總統曾經表示,削減聯邦各機構開支的影響不會立即被感受到,但將產生他稱作的 "逐漸下滑 " 的效應。

  •   That means, the longer the cuts remain in place, the worse the damage they will cause.
  • 那就是開支削減持續的時間越長,造成的損害就越大;最受到關注的是國防、基礎設施經費、公立學校和學前教育等領域。

  •   Defense employees are expected to be forced to take unpaid time off work, while funding for big infrastructure projects will eventually halt.
  • 預計國防部員工將被迫接受無薪休假,同時對大型基礎設施項目最終也將停止提供資金。


  • (2013-03-01) ------

  • 2 US Sailors Imprisoned for Okinawa Rape
  • 在沖繩犯強姦罪的兩名美國海軍水兵被判監禁
  •   A court on the southern Japanese island of Okinawa has sentenced two U.S. sailors to prison for the rape and robbery of a local woman October last year.
  • 日本南部沖繩島的一家法院判處於去年 10 月強姦和搶劫一名當地女子的兩名美國海軍水兵入獄服刑。

  •   The Naha District Court sentenced 24-year-old Seaman Christopher Browning to 10 years on charges of gang rape and robbery, while his accomplice, 23-year-old Petty Officer 3rd Class Skyler Dozierwalker got nine years for gang rape.
  • 日本那霸地區法院以輪姦罪和搶劫罪判處 24 歲上等兵布朗寧 10 年監禁,以輪姦罪判處他的同夥,現年 23 歲的下士多齊爾沃克九年監禁。

  •   The two robbed and assaulted the woman on October 16. Both men pleaded guilty earlier this week.
  • 這兩名美國軍人於去年 10 月 16 號搶劫並強姦那名女子;他們本星期早些時候都已認罪。

  •   The case prompted a Japan-wide curfew for U.S. service members.
  • 這起案件導致對全體駐日美軍實行宵禁。

  •   Despite the curfew, misconduct involving American troops - much of it drunken - has continued to fuel anti-American sentiment in places hosting U.S. bases.
  • 盡管實行了宵禁,美國軍人的不當行為繼續在日本的美軍駐地激起反美情緒;美國軍人通常是在喝醉後肇事的。

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