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三月份 第 01 課

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  • (2007-03-01) ------

  • Japan, North Korea to Hold Talks on Normalizing Ties
  • 日本將與北韓會談討論關係正常化
  •   Japan says it will hold talks with North Korea next week on normalizing relations.
  • 日本表示,下星期將就關係正常化問題與北韓舉行會談。

  •   Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary, Yasuhiso Shiozaki, said Wednesday that the two sides will meet in the Vietnamese capital, Hanoi, March seventh and eighth.
  • 日本內閣官房長官鹽崎宮久星期三說,雙方 3 月 7 號和 8 號將在越南首都河內會晤。

  •   He says the two countries will also hold an informal meeting March sixth.
  • 他說,兩國 3 月 6 號將先舉行一次非正式會談。

  •   Japan is expected to push for resolution of the dispute over Japanese citizens kidnapped by North Korean agents decades ago.
  • 預計,日本將努力爭取解決雙方因北韓幾十年前綁架日本公民而引起的爭端。

  •   The issue has prevented the two sides from normalizing relations.
  • 這個問題一直阻礙兩國關係正常化。

  •   The meeting is part of an agreement reached at the last round of six-party talks on crisis of the North Korean nuclear project, in which both Tokyo and the United States agreed to begin talks on normalizing ties with North Korea.
  • 這次會議是最新一輪有關北韓核項目危機的六方會談達成協議的一部分.在協議中,日本和美國都同意開始與北韓進行關係正常化的會談。


  • (2007-03-01) ------

  • Airbus Unveils Restructuring Plan, Up to 10,000 Layoffs
  • 空中巴士公司宣佈重組裁員一萬
  •   European plane maker Airbus unveiled its restructuring plan Wednesday, including up to 10-thousand job cuts.
  • 歐洲飛機製造商空中巴士星期三宣佈重組計劃,包括裁員大約 1 萬人。

  •   The majority of layoffs will be in France and Germany, where most Airbus production is based, but factories in Britain and Spain also face job cuts. Airbus will also sell several factories to reduce costs.
  • 裁員主要集中在法國和德國.這兩個國家是空中巴士的主要生產基地,但是英國和西班牙的工廠也面臨裁員.空中巴士還將出售幾家工廠,以削減開支。

  •   Workers at an Airbus factory in northern France held a spontaneous strike Tuesday to protest the planned layoffs.
  • 法國北部的一個空中巴士工廠星期二自發舉行罷工,抗議裁員計劃。

  •   Also Tuesday, Airbus union leaders threatened further strikes after meeting in Brussels to coordinate strategies.
  • 空中巴士工會領袖星期二在布魯塞爾開會協調行動策略後,威脅要舉行更多的罷工。

  •   German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Jacques Chirac called last week for Airbus to avoid forced layoffs and ensure job cuts are fairly distributed between the two countries.
  • 德國總理默克爾和法國總統希拉克上星期都呼籲空中巴士避免強制性裁員,並確保德法兩國公平分攤裁員數量。


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