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三月份 第 01 課

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  • (2008-03-03) ------

  • More Non-Communists to Become High Officials in China
  • 更多非共產黨人將成為中國高官
  •   Chinese state media say more non-communists will be given top government posts following last year's appointment of two ministers from outside the Communist Party since the late 1970s.
  • 中國國營媒體說,更多的非共產黨人士將擔任政府高層職務;去年有兩名非共產黨人士被任命為政府部長,成為 1970 年代末期以來首次擔任中國政府部長的非共產黨人士。

  •   China's eight non-communist parties are reported to have a combined membership of 700-thousand.
  • 中國 8 個非共產黨黨派據信一共擁有 70 萬成員。

  •   The media cited Wu Jianmin, who is spokesman for the first session of the 11th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.
  • 中國媒體的報導援引了第十一屆政治協商會議第一次會議的發言人吳建民的話。

  •   The meeting opens today ahead of China's legislature.
  • 這次政治協商會議星期一開幕;中國全國人大會議將隨後開始。

  •   China's official Xinhua news agency says more than two-thousand CPPCC members will meet in Beijing for the next 11 days.
  • 中國官方的新華通訊社說,全國 2 千多名政協代表將在北京參加為期 11 天的會議。

  •   Wu says Taiwan's upcoming referendum on joining the United Nations will be a key topic at the meeting.
  • 吳建民說,台灣即將舉行的入聯公投將是會議討論的一個重要話題。

  •   Wu said he hopes Taiwanese independence activities will be stopped.
  • 吳建民說,他希望台獨活動將會被制止。


  • (2008-03-03) ------

  • Pro-Kremlin Youth Demonstrate Outside U.S. Embassy
  • 親克里姆林宮年輕人在美使館外示威
  •   Hundreds of pro-Kremlin youth demonstrated outside the U.S. Embassy in Moscow Monday following the victory of Dimitri Medvedev in Sunday's presidential election.
  • 德米特里.米德維捷夫於星期天的俄羅斯總統選舉中獲勝之後,數百名親克里姆林宮的年輕人星期一在美國駐俄羅斯大使館外舉行示威。

  •   Members of the youth group Nashi wore capes emblazoned with the slogan "Russia Forward."
  • 一個名為“納什”的年輕人組織的成員頭戴飾有“俄羅斯前進”口號的帽子。

  •   A large banner said American wives should be taught to cook cabbage soup.
  • 一個巨大的橫幅標語書寫著:美國人的妻子應該被教會煮甘藍菜湯。

  •   The phrase is a reference to a sarcastic comment President Vladimir Putin made last month that Western election observers should mind their own business and teach their wives to make cabbage soup.
  • 這句話源於俄羅斯總統普京的一句話;他上個月諷刺西方的選舉觀察員說,他們不該多管閒事,應該回家教他們的太太如何煮甘藍菜湯。


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