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三月份 第 01 課

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  • (2011-03-01) ------

  • Wisconsin Governor to Unveil Major Budget Cuts
  • 美威斯康辛州長將大幅預算削減
  •   Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, in a battle of wills with government employee unions, will present a two-year budget to state lawmakers Tuesday that will cut $1 billion in funding to local governments and schools.
  • 正在與政府僱員工會較量的威斯康辛州州長沃克星期二將向州議員們提交一個兩年的預算;該預算案將把向地方政府和學校提供的資金削減 10 億美元。

  •   The Republican governor has attracted attention for introducing a bill that would eliminate collective bargaining rights for most state employees, a move he says will save the state $30 million this year and $300 million over the the next two years.
  • 這位共和黨州長因為推出一個將取消大部分州政府僱員集體談判權的法案而引起廣泛關注;他說,此舉將在今年給這個州節省 3 千萬美元並且在今後兩年節省 3 億美元。

  •   Unionized employees have staged protests in the state capital of Madison since Walker made the demands.
  • 自從沃克提出這些要求之後,工會僱員一直在該州的首府麥迪遜舉行抗議。

  •   The bill was approved last week by the Wisconsin Assembly, but has not come up for a vote in the Senate.
  • 這個法案上個星期在威斯康辛州眾議院獲得通過,但是參議院還沒有就此進行表決。

  •   Fourteen Democratic senators have left the state, leaving it one lawmaker short of a quorum required to bring the bill to a vote.
  • 有 14 名民主黨派的參議員已經離開這個州,使法案付諸表決所需要的法定人數少一位議員。


  • (2011-03-01) ------

  • German Minister Resigns Amid Plagiarism Scandal
  • 德國部長在抄襲醜聞中辭職
  •   Germany's defense minister resigned Tuesday amid a scandal involving allegations that he plagiarized his doctoral thesis.
  • 德國國防部長古騰貝格星期二在有關他的博士論文涉嫌抄襲的醜聞中辭職。

  •   Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg said stepping down was "the most painful step" of his life, but that the controversy has made it impossible to carry out his duties.
  • 古騰貝格說,下臺是他一生中 “最痛苦的一步”,但是這個爭議使他無法繼續履行職責。

  •   The president of the University of Beyreuth said last week the institution had withdrawn the minister's title of doctor because Guttenberg's thesis violated the university's standards.
  • 拜羅伊特大學校長上個星期表示,該機構撤銷了古騰貝格部長的博士頭銜,因為他的博士論文違反了大學的標準。

  •   The popular minister has acknowledged making errors in his writing, but insisted he did not deliberately cheat.
  • 這位受歡迎的部長承認在他的博士論文寫作中犯了錯誤,但是堅稱他不是有意欺騙。

  •   Guttenberg said Tuesday he was "always ready to fight," but had reached his limit.
  • 古騰貝格星期二說,他 “總是準備抗爭”,但是現在已經到了他的極限。

  •   German Chancellor Angela Merkel has supported Guttenberg.
  • 德國總理默克爾一直對古騰貝格表示支援。

  •   The scandal involving his 475-page doctoral thesis erupted after a German newspaper reported that chunks of the work were copied from other scholars without properly crediting them.
  • 這個涉及他長達 475 頁的博士論文醜聞是在德國一家報紙報導說論文中的大段文字抄自其他學者而沒有提及他們的名字後爆發的。

  •   The allegations earned Guttenberg the nickname of "Baron Cut-and-Paste."
  • 這些指控使古騰貝格獲得了 “剪切與粘貼大王” 的外號。


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