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三月份 第 01 課

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  • (2010-03-01) ------

  • US Supreme Court Dismisses Uighur Appeal
  • 美國最高法院駁回七名維吾爾人上訴
  •   The U.S. Supreme Court has dismissed an appeal from seven Chinese Muslims being held at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
  • 美國最高法院駁回了七名中國維吾爾回教徒的上訴;這些人目前被關押在古巴的關塔那摩灣美軍拘留中心。

  •   The high court said last year it would hear the appeal, but on Monday scrapped those plans, saying the Uighurs had resettlement offers from other countries.
  • 最高法院去年表示會審理有關的上訴,但是星期一取消了有關計劃;最高法院說,這些維吾爾人已經獲得在其他國家重新安置的安排。

  •   The Pentagon determined some five years ago that the Uighurs are not a threat to the United States, and had been seeking countries to take them.
  • 大約五年前,五角大樓認定這些維吾爾人不對美國構成威脅,並一直在尋找接收他們的國家。

  •   The United States has refused to send them back to China or grant them U.S. refugee status.
  • 美國拒絕將他們遣返回中國,也拒絕給予他們在美國居住的難民申請。

  •   China has accused the men, who are from the western Xinjiang province, of being separatists and has demanded their return.
  • 中國指責這些來自西部新疆的維吾爾人是分離主義分子,要求美國遣返他們。

  •   The Uighurs are a Turkic-speaking Chinese Muslim minority.
  • 維吾爾人是講突厥語的中國回教徒少數民族。

  •   The men were part of a larger group of Uighurs taken into custody by American forces in Afghanistan following the invasion of that country in 2001.
  • 這七個人是聯軍 2001 年攻打阿富汗後被美軍拘留的更大一批維吾爾人當中的一部分。


  • (2010-03-01) ------

  • Report: China Trying to Gain Leverage in Arctic
  • 報告:中國試圖在北極問題上發揮作用
  •   EAn international peace research group said Monday China is stepping up efforts to secure a role in deciding the future of Arctic issues, as melting ice raises hopes of a shorter shipping route to the Atlantic.
  • 一個國際和平研究組織星期一說,中國在加緊努力,設法在決定北極未來的問題上發揮作用;與此同時,北極冰層正在融化增加了縮短大西洋海運航線的希望。

  •   The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute said in a report that Beijing is putting more resources into researching the far north and is striving to position itself so it will not be excluded from access to the Arctic.
  • 斯德哥爾摩國際和平研究所在一份報告中說,北京正在投入更多資源研究北極,並努力確立自己的位置,以便不被排除在參與北極問題之外。

  •   The report says China is at a disadvantage because it is not an Arctic state.
  • 報告說,中國由於不是北極國家,因此處在不利地位。

  •   Competing sovereignty claims in the region are primarily being discussed by five key nations bordering the Arctic -- the U.S., Canada, Russia, Norway and Denmark.
  • 對該區域主權宣稱的爭執基本上由與北極接壤的五個主要國家決定,這些國家是美國、加拿大、俄羅斯、挪威和丹麥。


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