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三月份 第 16 課

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  • (2011-03-22) ------

  • Zimbabwe Reports Acute Food Shortages
  • 辛巴威報告說食品嚴重短缺
  •   State media in Zimbabwe say six of the country's 10 provinces are facing severe food shortages because of drought and a slow bureaucratic response.
  • 辛巴威國家媒體說,由於乾旱以及政府部門反應遲緩,辛巴威 10 個省份中的 6 個面臨嚴重的食品短缺。

  •   The state-run Herald newspaper says a persistent dry spell throughout February and March has lowered crop expectations.
  • 國營的《先驅報》說,整個 2 月和 3 月份出現的持續乾旱使得人們下調了對農作物收成的預期。

  •   The paper says the government has ordered the agency in charge of grain to start distributing food.
  • 這家報紙說,政府下令負責糧食的部門開始分發食品。

  •   But Joseph Made, the minister for agriculture, mechanization and irrigation, accused the Grain Marketing Board of "holding onto" 270,000 metric tons of grain instead of distributing it to starving people.
  • 但是農業、機械化與灌溉發展部長馬蒂抨擊糧食銷售董事會 “囤積” 27 萬噸的糧食,而不把它們分發給挨餓的人。

  •   The newspaper says it was unable to get a comment from the Grain Marketing Board but was informed that the agency has no money to transport the grain.
  • 這家報紙說,他們沒有能夠讓糧食銷售董事會對此做出評論,但是被告知,這個部門沒有錢來運送這批糧食。

  •   Zimbabwe has experienced a decade of chronic food shortages.
  • 十年來,辛巴威經歷了長期的食品短缺。

  •   President Robert Mugabe blames the problem on Western sanctions against him and his political allies.
  • 穆加貝總統把這個問題歸咎於西方國家對他及其政治盟友實施的制裁。

  •   Critics of the president accuse him of wrecking the economy through the seizure of thousands of white-owned commercial farms.
  • 穆加貝總統的批評者指責他通過沒收數以千計的白人擁有的商業農場致使經濟受到嚴重損害。


  • (2011-03-22) ------

  • Obama Due in El Salvador Tuesday
  • 歐巴馬星期二訪問薩爾瓦多
  •   U.S. President Barack Obama has left Chile and is on his way to El Salvador, the final stop of his three-nation Latin American trip.
  • 美國總統歐巴馬離開了智利,前往薩爾瓦多;薩爾瓦多是他拉丁美洲三國之行的最後一站。

  •   He and first lady Michelle Obama and their family departed Santiago early Tuesday.
  • 歐巴馬和第一夫人米歇爾以及家庭成員星期二早上離開了聖地亞哥。

  •   While in El Salvador, Mr. Obama is to meet with President Carlos Mauricio Funes.
  • 歐巴馬在薩爾瓦多將會晤毛里西奧‧富內斯總統。

  •   The Obamas will attend an official dinner at the presidential palace in the evening.
  • 晚間,歐巴馬夫婦將在薩爾瓦多總統府出席正式晚宴。

  •   Monday in Santiago, Mr. Obama said Chile has shown the world that a transition from a dictatorship to democracy can take place peacefully.
  • 歐巴馬星期一在聖地亞哥發表講話時說,智利向世界展示了從獨裁到民主的轉變可以和平地進行。

  •   He said the United States is ready to help Chile resolve human rights violations committed during the dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet, whom the U.S. helped bring to power during a 1973 coup.
  • 他(歐巴馬)說,美國已準備好幫助智利解決皮諾切特將軍獨裁統治期間侵犯人權的問題;1973 年智利發生政變,皮諾切特在美國的幫助下上台。


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