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三月份 第 18 課

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  • (2006-03-27) ------

  • Japanese Analysts Say China Military Buildup 'Destabilizing' East Asia
  • 日本分析人士說中國擴充軍力是東亞動盪因素
  •   A Japanese think-tank (research group) says China's growing military strength and Beijing's tense relationship with Taiwan are major destabilizing forces in East Asia.
  • 日本一個智庫說,中國日益增長的軍事力量和北京與台灣的緊張關係是東亞不穩定的主要因素。

  •   A report by Japan's government-funded Institute for Defense Studies says China's increased military spending has boosted ballistic missiles and air force assets, some of which have been deployed near the Taiwan Strait.
  • 日本政府資助的國防研究所發表的報告說,中國增加的軍備開支增強了彈道導彈和空軍力量,其中一部份部署在台灣海峽附近。

  •   Beijing regards Taiwan as a renegade province and has threatened military action if Taiwan formally declares itself independent.
  • 北京認為台灣是有待統一的省份,並威脅說,如果台灣正式宣佈獨立,就將訴諸武力。

  •   The publication of the annual Japanese regional strategy report comes as ties between Japan and China have deteriorated sharply.
  • 日本地區戰略年度報告的發表正值日中關係急劇惡化之際。

  •   Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's annual visits to a Tokyo war shrine (Yasukuni) routinely draw fierce protests from China.
  • 日本首相小泉純一郎對東京靖國神社的多次參拜引起中國例行的強烈抗議。


  • (2006-03-27) ------

  • Nepalese Communists Urge Rebel Ceasefire
  • 尼泊爾共產黨呼籲毛派反政府武裝停火
  •   Nepal's Communist Party [Communist Party of Nepal / United Marxist-Leninist] is calling on the kingdom's Maoist rebels to give up violence and declare a ceasefire.
  • 尼泊爾共產黨(聯合馬列)呼籲尼泊爾毛派反政府武裝放棄暴力,宣佈停火。

  •   A party leadership (standing committee) statement (on Sunday) says the rebels' continuing armed struggle is endangering people's lives.
  • 尼共中央常委會星期天發表聲明說,毛派組織持續的武裝鬥爭威脅到人民的生命安全。

  •   The communists are calling for popular support for a mass protest against King Gyanendra, scheduled to take place in Kathmandu on April 6th. The rally is sponsored by a coalition of opposition political groups (the Seven-Party Alliance) that were ousted from power after the king dissolved Nepal's elected government and seized absolute power last year.
  • 共產黨人呼籲民眾支持計劃4月6日在首都加德滿都舉行的反對國王賈南德拉的大示威。反對派政治組織“七黨聯盟”策劃了這次集會。國王賈南德拉去年解散尼泊爾民選政府並奪取絕對權力,這些政黨隨後被趕出權力中心。

  •   The Maoist insurgency aimed at overthrowing Nepal's monarchy has killed nearly 13 thousand people during the past 10 years.
  • 信奉毛澤東主義的反政府武裝試圖推翻尼泊爾的君主制,毛派的反叛暴動在過去10年來奪去接近1萬3千人的生命。


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