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三月份 第 18 課

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  • (2007-03-26) ------

  • U.S. General Tells China Anti-Missile Test Caused Confusion
  • 美國將軍告之中國反衛星試驗導致困惑
  •   The United States' top military commander, Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Peter Pace, is encouraging military leaders in China to be more transparent as they build up their country's armed forces.
  • 美國軍方最高將領、參謀長聯席會議主席彼得.佩斯鼓勵中國軍方領導人建設中國軍隊的同時加強透明度。

  •   Speaking in Beijing Friday, General Pace said during discussions with top military officials, he told the Chinese their anti-satellite test in January sent the world a confusing message about Beijing's military intentions.
  • 佩斯上將星期五在北京表示,他在與中國軍方高級官員會晤時告訴中方,中國今年 1 月的反衛星導彈試驗向國際社會發出了有關中國軍事意圖的令人困惑信號。

  •   He pressed Beijing to make their military matters more transparent. Pace said the Chinese offered no new information on the test.
  • 他要求北京使其軍事事務更加透明.佩斯說,中國方面沒有提供有關反衛星試驗的新情況。

  •   China has raised new U.S. suspicions, first by testing an anti-satellite weapon in January, then by announcing this month that it is boosting its military budget in 2007 by close to 18 percent, to nearly 45 billion dollars.
  • 中國今年 1 月先試射了反衛星武器,隨後這個月宣佈將 2007 年軍事預算提高近 18 %,升至將近 450 億美元,引起美國新的疑慮。


  • (2007-03-26) ------

  • Britain Says Iran Seized 15 British Naval Personnel
  • 英國稱伊朗扣押十五名英國海軍人員
  •   Britain's Defense Ministry says Iran seized 15 British naval personnel while they were conducting routine boarding operations in Iraqi waters.
  • 英國國防部說,伊朗扣留了在伊拉克水域進行例行登船檢查的 15 名英國海軍人員。

  •   In a statement released Friday , the ministry said the British boarding party had just completed an inspection of a merchant ship.
  • 英國國防部星期五發表聲明說,當時英國登船檢查小組剛剛完成對一艘商船的檢查。

  •   It said the British personnel were then surrounded and escorted by Iranian vessels into Iranian territorial waters.
  • 國防部說,英國人員隨後被伊朗的船隻包圍,並被押送到伊朗領海海域。

  •   British officials say they are urgently pursuing the matter with Iran, and have summoned Iran's ambassador to London in connection with the incident.
  • 英國官員說,他們正在與伊朗就此事進行緊急交涉,並就這一事件召見伊朗駐倫敦大使。

  •   The defense ministry says the British government is demanding the immediate and safe return of the 15 naval personnel.
  • 英國國防部說,英國政府要求伊朗立即並安全釋放這 15 名英國海軍人員。

  •   No other details regarding the incident have been released by Iranian or British officials.
  • 伊朗和英國官員都沒有公佈這一事件的其它細節。


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