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三月份 第 18 課

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  • (2010-03-24) ------

  • Afghan, Chinese Leaders Bolster Economic Relations
  • 阿富汗和中國領導人加強經濟關係
  •   Afghanistan and China signed trade and economic agreements Wednesday after their leaders held talks on the security of Central Asia.
  • 阿富汗和中國星期三簽署了多項貿易和經濟協議,之前兩國領導人就中亞安全問題舉行了會談。

  •   Chinese President Hu Jintao and Afghan President Hamid Karzai oversaw the signing after a meeting at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.
  • 中國國家主席胡錦濤和阿富汗總統卡爾扎伊在北京人民大會堂舉行會談後出席了協議簽字儀式。

  •   The agreements cover economic cooperation, technical training and preferential tariffs for some Afghan exports to China.
  • 這些協議含蓋經濟合作、技術培訓和某些阿富汗對中國出口產品享受特惠關稅等領域。

  •   One of the biggest deals involves a Chinese company's pledge to spend more than $3 billion to develop one of the world's largest untouched copper reserves at a mine south of Kabul.
  • 其中最大的一項協議是中國一家公司承諾投資 30 多億美元開發喀布爾南部的一個銅礦,這是世界最大的未開發銅礦儲備之一。

  •   The project has been delayed because of continuing Taliban violence.
  • 由於塔利班暴力事件的持續發生,該項目被一再推遲。

  •   Beijing has expressed concern that Afghanistan's insecurity is affecting China.
  • 北京擔心阿富汗的安全狀況正在對中國造成影響。

  •   It has alleged that Muslim separatists in China's western region of Xinjiang have been trained in Afghanistan.
  • 中國指稱,新疆的回教徒分裂分子在阿富汗接受訓練。


  • (2010-03-24) ------

  • Portugal's Debt Causing Concern for Europe
  • 葡萄牙債務引發對歐洲經濟擔憂
  •   One of the world's major credit rating agencies is raising doubts about Portugal's ability to pay back its debt, sparking renewed concern about the stability of Europe's weaker economies.
  • 世界主要信用評級機構之一對葡萄牙的償還債務能力提出質疑,再次引發人們對歐洲較弱經濟體穩定性的擔憂。

  •   Fitch Ratings lowered Portugal's credit grade Wednesday and warned that weak economic growth could make it more difficult for the country's government to pay back loans in the coming months.
  • 惠譽評級星期三下調了葡萄牙的主權債務信用評級,並警告說,葡萄牙疲軟的經濟增長可能使未來幾個月該國政府更加難以償還債務。

  •   Portugal is one of several countries using the euro that are struggling to pay down massive debt.
  • 葡萄牙是幾個面臨大量債務需要償還的歐元區國家之一。

  •   Most of the concern has centered on Greece, where the budget deficit had risen to 13 percent at the start of this year.
  • 大部分擔憂一直集中在希臘,希臘的預算赤字今年初已經達到國內生產總值的 13 %。

  •   European Economic Commissioner Olli Rehn is calling on European Union leaders to help Greece secure lower interest rates on its debt, saying there is a sense of urgency.
  • 歐盟經濟事務專員奧利‧雷恩呼籲歐盟領導人幫助希臘獲得更低的債務發行利率,他說,這個問題迫在眉睫。

  •   The Greek financial crisis has caused the value of the euro to plunge, hitting a 10-month low against the U.S. dollar Wednesday.
  • 希臘的財政危機已經導致歐元匯率暴跌,星期三歐元兌美元匯率跌至 10 個月最低點。


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