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三月份 第 20 課

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  • (2009-03-27) ------

  • Obama Announces New Strategy for Afghanistan
  • 歐巴馬宣佈阿富汗新戰略
  •   U.S. President Barack Obama has announced a new strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan that includes sending thousands more troops to Afghanistan and a greater emphasis on regional diplomacy.
  • 歐巴馬總統宣佈一項阿富汗和巴基斯坦的新戰略,包括向阿富汗增派更多部隊,並側重區域外交活動。

  •   At the White House Friday, Mr. Obama said the situation in Afghanistan is "increasingly perilous," noting that attacks against American troops, NATO allies and the Afghan government have risen steadily in the seven years since the Taliban was removed from power.
  • 歐巴馬星期五在白宮說,阿富汗的局勢“日趨危險”;他指出,自從 7 年前塔利班被趕走以來,針對美軍、北約盟軍和阿富汗政府的攻擊活動在穩步上升。

  •   He said that al Qaida and its allies are in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and that al-Qaida is actively planning attacks on the United States homeland from its safe haven in Pakistan.
  • 他說,在巴基斯坦的安全保護區裏,基地組織及其在巴基斯坦和阿富汗的盟友加緊策劃對美國本土的攻擊。

  •   He said the goal of the new strategy is to disrupt, dismantle and destroy al-Qaida and its allies, remove their safe havens in Pakistan, and prevent them from regrouping in Afghanistan.
  • 他說,新戰略的目標是挫敗和摧毀基地組織及其盟友,剷除他們在巴基斯坦的安全保護區,防止他們在阿富汗重新集結。

  •   U.S. officials say for the first time, U.S. diplomacy will be based on the premise that Afghanistan and Pakistan are intertwined, as one official put it: "they are two countries, but one challenge."
  • 美國官員表示,美國首次有一個基於阿富汗和巴基斯坦兩國局勢的綜合外交政策;一名美國官員說:“他們是兩個國家,但卻是同一個挑戰。”

  •   Officials say the United States will seek international cooperation, reaching out to countries such as Russia, China, India and even Iran.
  • 有關官員說,美國將謀求國際合作,同俄羅斯、中國、印度,甚至伊朗進行接觸。

  •   President Obama says 4,000 additional troops will be sent to Afghanistan to train Afghan armed forces.
  • 美國總統歐巴馬說,將增派 4000 人的部隊去訓練阿富汗的武裝部隊。

  •   Adding to the 17,000 additional troops the president wants deployed to the country in the next months.
  • 這批部隊不算在將於今後幾個月內向阿富汗增援的 1 萬 7 千人部隊之中。


  • (2009-03-27) ------

  • Obama to Meet With Top US Bankers
  • 歐巴馬將會見美國頂級銀行家
  •   U.S. President Barack Obama will meet with the heads of several of the nation's leading banks Friday to discuss his administration's strategies for boosting the U.S. economy.
  • 美國總統歐巴馬星期五將會見幾家美國大銀行的領導人,討論其政府振興美國經濟的策略。

  •   The meeting caps a busy week for Mr. Obama and his economic team.
  • 這次會談將為歐巴馬和他的經濟團隊忙碌的一週劃下句號。

  •   The administration announced a plan Monday to remove up to $1 trillion in so-called "toxic assets" from the balance sheets of troubled banks, through a partnership between the government and private investors.
  • 歐巴馬政府星期一宣佈了一項計劃,通過政府與民間投資者的合作,從陷入困境的銀行的資產負債表中去掉多達 1 萬億美元的“有毒資產”。

  •   On Thursday, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner urged lawmakers to approve the administration's plan to expand the government's powers to monitor large financial firms.
  • 美國財政部長蓋特納星期四敦促立法者批准政府擴大對大型金融公司監督權的方案。

  •   Economic data published Friday shows a bit of good news, as consumer spending rose slightly in February.
  • 星期五公佈的經濟數據顯示了一些好消息,2 月份的消費者支出有所上升。

  •   It is the second month in a row that spending grew.
  • 這是連續第二個月消費者支出增長。

  •   Economists track consumer spending because consumer demand drives two-thirds of U.S. economic activity.
  • 經濟學家跟蹤消費者支出的數據,是因為美國三分之二的經濟活動由消費者需求所驅動。


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