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三月份 第 20 課

  • 歷史上的今天------>
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  • (2012-03-29) ------

  • US Commander Warns of Growing North Korean Threat
  • 駐韓美軍司令對朝鮮危險發出警告
  •   The top commander of U.S. forces in South Korea says he is concerned about North Korea's growing capability to carry out attacks through nonconventional means, such as cyber warfare and chemical weapons.
  • 駐韓美軍最高指揮官說,他對朝鮮不斷增強的發動非常規襲擊的能力感到擔憂,這種能力包括網絡戰爭和化學武器。

  •   Speaking to the House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday, General James Thurman said North Korea's advances in computer hacking and biological weapons, combined with its massive conventional military, pose a serious threat to South Korea.
  • 瑟曼星期三在美國國會眾議院軍事委員會表示,朝鮮在電腦入侵和生化武器方面取得進展,再加上其大規模常規軍力,因此給韓國構成嚴重威脅。

  •   Thurman also warns that, if left "unchecked," the development of Pyongyang's missile capability could eventually threaten the United States.
  • 瑟曼還警告說,如果不加以 “制約”,朝鮮在導彈能力上取得的進展將最終威脅到美國。

  •   But he says that the nearly 30,000 U.S. troops stationed in South Korea are well positioned to repel any potential attack from North Korea, which has the fourth largest army in the world.
  • 但他說,駐紮在韓國的近 3 萬美軍能夠擊退任何朝鮮可能發動的襲擊;朝鮮擁有世界第四大規模的陸軍。


  • (2012-03-29) ------

  • Chinese Rights Advocate says Family Visited Jailed Lawyer Gao Zhisheng
  • 人權組織:高智晟的家人探監
  •   A religious-freedom watchdog group says relatives of a jailed Chinese human-rights lawyer visited him last week.
  • 宗教自由監督組織 -- 對華援助協會說,被監禁的中國維權律師高智晟的親屬上星期探視了他。

  •   ChinaAid says it learned from the wife of Gao Zhisheng that her father and brother-in-law visited him for a half-hour on Saturday at a prison in a remote part of the western Xinjiang region.
  • 對華援助協會說,該組織從高智晟的妻子那裏得知,她父親和高智晟的哥哥上星期六在新疆偏遠地區的一座監獄對高智晟進行了半小時探視。

  •   It was the first time the family had seen or heard of him since April 2010.
  • 自從 2010 年 4 月以來,這是高智晟的家人第一次看到他和聽到他的消息。

  •   Gao's wife, Geng He, says her husband looked well during the weekend visit, which ChinaAid says was conducted under "the watchful eye" of prison officials and the Public Security Bureau.
  • 高智晟的妻子耿和說,高智晟在上周末探視期間看上去狀況不錯;對華援助協會說,這次探視是在監獄官員和公安局的嚴密監視下進行的。

  •   The family was instructed not to discuss the visit with anyone in the outside world.
  • 高智晟的家人被告知不得與外界任何人談論這次探視。

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