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十月份 第 15 課

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  • (2009-10-21)------

  • Report: Burmese Timber Smuggled into China
  • 報告:中國公司從緬甸走私木材
  •   An environmental watchdog group says the illegal timber trade between Burma and China has decreased significantly since its last review in 2005, but more needs to be done to clamp down.
  • 一個環境監察組織說,自從該組織上次在 2005 年審查以來,中國和緬甸之間的非法木材交易大大下降,不過還需要做很多工作來取締這種交易。

  •   London-based Global Witness said Wednesday that Chinese imports of logs and sawed wood from Burma fell by 70 percent between 2005 and 2008.
  • 總部設在倫敦的全球見證組織星期三說,中國在 2005 到 2008 年間從緬甸進口的原木和鋸材下降了 70 %。

  •   But the environmental group says smugglers are circumventing government efforts to end the trade by using bribery, false papers, transport by night and avoidance of checkpoints.
  • 不過走私者正在通過賄賂,假證件,連夜運輸和避開檢查站等手段來繞過政府的限制。

  •   Global Witness says illicit timber smuggling is rapidly destroying Burma's forests.
  • 該組織還說,非法木材走私正在迅速摧毀緬甸森林。

  •   The group says Chinese companies are exporting the illegal timber products worldwide, with many of them ending up in the United States and Europe.
  • 中國公司向全世界出口非法木制產品,其中有許多流向美國和歐洲。


  • (2009-10-21)------

  • Massachusetts Man Allegedly Conspired to Attack US Mall, Kill Troops in Iraq
  • 麻州男子被控陰謀在購物中心製造恐怖襲擊
  •   U.S. officials say a 27-year-old man in (the northeastern state of) Massachusetts has been charged with plotting acts of terrorism, including plans to kill people at a U.S. shopping mall and to kill U.S. government employees.
  • 美國官員說,麻薩諸塞州的一位 27 歲的男子被控陰謀策劃恐怖主義行動,包括計劃在美國的購物中心殺害民眾,並殺死美國政府僱員。

  •   Acting U.S. Attorney Michael Loucks on Wednesday said Tarek Mehanna has been charged with conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists.
  • 美國聯邦代理檢察官勞克斯星期三說,邁哈納被控陰謀向恐怖主義分子提供物質支援。

  •   Loucks said Mehanna and his co-conspirators had multiple discussions about obtaining automatic weapons for the mall attack.
  • 勞克斯說,邁哈納及其同夥曾多次討論如何獲得自動武器,實施購物中心的襲擊案。

  •   But that the plan was abandoned because they could not obtain what they wanted.
  • 但是他們由於無法得到這些武器而放棄了襲擊計劃。

  •   The official said Mehanna discussed other plots, including wanting to kill two members of the Executive Branch of the U.S. government.
  • 有關官員說,邁哈納還討論了其他一些陰謀,包括殺死美國政府行政機構的兩名僱員。

  •   Prosecutors allege that Mehanna and his conspirators discussed their desire for a "violent jihad against American interests," including U.S. and allied forces in Iraq.
  • 檢察官聲稱,邁哈納及其同謀者討論了“針對美國利益實施暴力聖戰”的願望,包括襲擊在伊拉克的美國和盟國部隊。

  •   And that they talked about their desire to "die on the battlefield."
  • 他們還談到希望“戰死沙場”。

  •   If convicted, Mehanna faces up to 15 years in prison on the charge of material support of terrorism.
  • 如果向恐怖主義提供物質支援的罪名成立,邁哈納將被判處 15 年徒刑。


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