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十月份 第 15 課

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  • (2011-10-24)------

  • US, North Korea Nuclear Disarmament Talks Begin in Geneva
  • 美朝代表開始在日內瓦討論核裁軍
  •   U.S. and North Korean diplomats Monday began two days of talks in Geneva, Switzerland, about restarting six-party negotiations on Pyongyang's nuclear programs.
  • 美國和朝鮮外交官星期一在瑞士日內瓦開始為期兩天的會談,討論重新啟動針對朝鮮核計劃的六方會談。

  •   The U.S. delegation is headed by outgoing special envoy for North Korea Stephen Bosworth and his successor, Glyn Davies.
  • 美國代表團由即將離任的朝鮮問題特使博斯沃思和他的繼任者格林戴維斯率領。

  •   They will present Washington's position that Pyongyang must stop its uranium enrichment program and allow U.N. inspectors back into the country before the multilateral talks can resume.
  • 他們將向平壤表明華盛頓的立場,那就是平壤必須停止濃縮鈾計劃,並允許聯合國武器核查人員在多邊談判恢復之前進入朝鮮。

  •   North Korea's delegation, led by Vice Foreign Minister Kim Kye-kwan, is likely to be bound by remarks from leader Kim Jong Il.
  • 朝鮮代表團由外交部副部長金桂冠率領;朝鮮代表團很可能受到朝鮮最高領導人金正日最近發表的觀點的約束。

  •   He told Russia's state-run news agency Itar-Tass last week that talks should resume swiftly and without preconditions.
  • 金正日上個星期告訴俄通社 - 塔斯社說,六方談判應該在沒有先決條件的情況下迅速恢復。


  • (2011-10-24)------

  • US Envoy Visits Burma for Second Time
  • 美國特使再次訪問緬甸
  •   U.S. officials say special envoy Derek Mitchell has arrived in Burma for his second visit in two months.
  • 美國官員說,特使米歇爾已經抵達緬甸,進行兩個月以來的第二次訪問。

  •   A U.S. embassy official told VOA that Mitchell arrived Monday in Rangoon and will continue to the administrative capital, Naypyitaw, for talks with Burmese officials.
  • 一位美國使館官員對美國之音表示,米歇爾星期一抵達仰光,並將繼續前往行政首都內比都與緬甸官員會談。

  •   The official said Mitchell plans to visit Burma frequently as part of the U.S. policy of principled engagement.
  • 這位官員說,米歇爾計劃頻繁訪問緬甸,作為美國有原則接觸政策的一部分。

  •   The official said he will use every opportunity to press U.S. demands for the release of all political prisoners, dialogue with opposition figures and an end to violence against ethnic minorities.
  • 這名位官員說,米歇爾將利用一切機會來強力要求緬甸釋放所有政治犯、與反對派人物對話以及結束對少數民族的暴力行為。

  •   Mitchell made his first visit to Burma in September.
  • 米歇爾今年九月第一次訪問緬甸。

  •   He told VOA's Burmese service afterwards that he had used the visit to discuss the conditions under which U.S. sanctions against Burma could be lifted.
  • 訪問後他對美國之音緬甸語組表示,他利用這次訪問討論了解除美國對緬甸制裁的條件。

  •   Burma included about 200 of its estimated 2,000 political prisoners in a mass amnesty earlier this month, but many of the most prominent prisoners remain behind bars.
  • 外界估計緬甸有 2000 名政治犯,緬甸本月早些時候特赦了其中約 200 名,但許多最重要的政治犯人仍被關押,

  •   The new government, which took office at the end of March, has also held several meetings with pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi and taken modest steps to ease its tight media censorship.
  • 三月底上任的緬甸新政府已經與民主運動領導人昂山素姬舉行幾次會議,並採取適度步驟緩和對媒體的嚴厲審查。


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