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十月份 第 15 課

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  • (2010-10-21)------

  • Geithner to Pursue Currency "Norms" at G20 Meeting
  • 蓋特納將在 20 國會議上尋求貨幣 “規範”
  •   U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says he will urge his G20 counterparts to agree on better rules to regulate currency exchange rates when they meet later this week in South Korea.
  • 美國財長蓋特納說,他將在本星期末在南韓舉行的 20 國集團財長會議上,敦促各國財長同意建立更加完善的管理匯率的規則。

  •   Fears of a "currency war," in which countries devalue their currencies to gain a trade advantage, have dominated headlines ahead of the meetings Friday and Saturday in Gyeongju.
  • 對各國貶低本國幣值以獲得貿易優勢的“貨幣戰”的擔憂在會議舉行之前佔據了媒體頭條。

  •   Deputy finance ministers from the 20 leading economies that make up the Group of 20 are also meeting Thursday.
  • 這次財長會議將於星期五、六在南韓慶州舉行;20 個主要經濟體的副財長星期四也在那裏舉行會議。

  •   Dow Jones newswires reports that a draft communique prepared for the meeting calls for member countries to "refrain from competitive devaluation."
  • 美國道瓊斯通訊社報導說,為會議準備的一份公報草案呼籲成員國“不要競相貶低幣值”。

  •   Geithner has dismissed fears of a currency war.
  • 蓋特納對有關貨幣戰的擔憂不以為然。

  •   But in a Wall Street Journal interview published Thursday, he says the United States "would like countries to move toward a set of norms on exchange rate policy."
  • 但是,他在華爾街日報星期四刊登的一篇採訪中說,美國“希望各國在匯率政策上制定能一套規範”。


  • (2010-10-21)------

  • China Evacuates 150,000 People as Typhoon Nears
  • 颱風逼近之際中國疏散 15 萬人
  •   Chinese authorities have evacuated more than 150,000 people from the country's southeastern coast as one of the strongest typhoons in years approaches the region.
  • 中國當局疏散了東南沿海地區的 15 萬多人,幾年來最強的颱風之一正在逼近該地區。

  •   Typhoon Megi was centered over the northern part of the South China Sea late Thursday and was moving north slowly toward the eastern part of China's Guangdong province.
  • 颱風鯰魚的中心星期四晚間位於南中國海北部地區,並正在向中國廣東省的東部緩慢北上。

  •   Weather models predict the storm will make landfall Saturday near Shantou city, east of Hong Kong.
  • 天氣模擬預測,該風暴星期六將在位於香港以東的汕頭市附近登陸。

  •   The Hong Kong Observatory said Megi had maximum sustained winds of 175 kilometers an hour and could intensify before hitting land.
  • 香港氣象觀察臺說,颱風鯰魚的最大持續風速曾達到每小時 175 公里,並且有可能在登陸前繼續加強。

  •   China has issued a red alert for the typhoon, the highest of its four-step warning system.
  • 中國對颱風鯰魚已經發出了紅色預警,這是其 4 級預警系統中的最高一級。

  •   It warned of huge storm surges that could devastate coastal villages and cities.
  • 警報警告說,巨大的風暴潮可能會摧毀沿海的村莊和城市。

  •   In Hong Kong, a strong wind warning was in effect.
  • 香港也啟動了強風預警。

  •   Chinese authorities said they were moving residents of Guangdong to higher ground and already had evacuated 150,000 people in Fujian province to the north.
  • 中國當局說,他們正在將廣東的居民疏散到地勢更高的地區,而且已經將福建省的 15 萬人疏散到北部。


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