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三月份 第 07 課

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  • (2007-03-09) ------

  • House Democrats to Call for Timed Withdrawal of US Troops from Iraq
  • 眾議院民主黨將要求按時從伊撤出美軍
  •   Democratic leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives have crafted a proposal that will require the removal of U.S. combat troops from Iraq by the end of 2008.
  • 美國國會眾議院民主黨領導人制定了一項提案,要求美國作戰部隊在 2008 年年底之前撤離伊拉克。

  •   The plan, which will be presented to Democratic lawmakers Thursday, sets a timetable for U.S. forces to leave if the Iraqi government does not meet certain goals, including establishing security for its people and creating an oil revenue sharing plan.
  • 這項星期四提交給民主黨議員審議的提案要求,如果伊拉克政府不能達到某些目標,例如為伊拉克人民提供安全和制定分享石油收入的計劃,美軍就要按照提議中設定的時間表撤離。

  •   The measure requires the Pentagon to certify troops are properly trained, equipped and rested before being deployed to Iraq.
  • 提案要求五角大廈在向伊拉克派兵前必須證明部隊得到了適當的培訓、有充足的裝備和充份的休息。

  •   But it also allows President Bush to waive these conditions.
  • 但是提案也允許布希總統免除這些條件。

  •   Democratic leaders plan to add the proposal to a bill that calls for spending 100-billion dollars for military operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • 民主黨領導人計劃將這個提案納入另外一項議案.那項議案要求為在伊拉克和阿富汗的軍事行動提供一千億美元的經費。


  • (2007-03-09) ------

  • United Nations Marks International Women's Day
  • 聯合國紀念國際婦女節
  •   The United Nations is marking International Women's Day with calls for countries to do more to end rape, killings and other violence against women, especially during armed conflicts.
  • 聯合國在國際婦女節之際呼籲世界各國更加努力制止強姦、殺害和其它針對婦女的暴行,特別是在武裝衝突期間。

  •   Noeleen Heyzer, Executive Director of the U.N. Development Fund for Women, issued a statement Thursday saying that rape is used as a weapon of war.
  • 聯合國婦女發展基金執行主任諾埃林.海澤星期四發表聲明說,強姦被當做一種戰爭武器。

  •   The organization says the violence that women experience in times of peace intensifies greatly during conflict, as legal and social systems break down.
  • 該組織說,由於衝突期間法律和社會體系崩潰,婦女遭受的暴行要比和平時期更為嚴重。

  •   The U.N. agency said that while 104 out of 192 U.N. member states make marital rape a crime, the laws are poorly enforced.
  • 該聯合國機構說,儘管聯合國 192 個成員國裡有 104 個國家規定配偶強姦也是犯罪,但是這方面的執法情況很不理想。

  •   On Wednesday, the U.N. Security Council called for sexual and violent acts against women and children during armed conflict to be regarded as war crimes.
  • 聯合國安理會星期三呼籲將武裝衝突期間對婦女和兒童犯下的性和暴力行為定為戰爭罪。


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